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Can man penetrate consciously into the fourth di-
mension ? The answer is yes, and the author has given
practical information in this book to guide anyone
in such a way that he may proceed to success entirely
on his own.

Actual experiences of out-of-body travel are re-
corded and the methods used to attain them are clear-
ly explained. The author shows that the phenomenon
of dissociation between man and his body gives ab-
solute certainty that man is able to survive in a new

There are discussions of the scientific, philosophic,
and religious unity of opinions and beliefs, the re-
lationships between man and the universe, and the
rational practice of contemplation. There is also
treatment of the distinction between thought-forms
and living beings, the limitations of free will, the
influence of will-power in the higher worlds, the
mechanism of intuition and inspiration, and the na-
ture of thought.

Those who sincerely wish to understand the na-
ture of astral projection and its basic principles will
find this a very valuable book; and those who apply
these principles will find that consistent practice
brings valid experiences.

Samuel Weiser, Inc.
740 Broadway

New York, N.Y. 10003

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Let us suppose we wish to delve deeply into a
subject by logical analysis and synthesis. In order
to judge freely and to avoid falling into ordinary
errors, we must first of all define exactly the subject
to be studied. Then we must become acquainted
with the latest investigations in the subject. Lastly,
by an effort of will, we must drive all this informa-
tion from the mind, and set to work as if we knew
nothing whatever about the matter to be studied.

It is by following such a scheme in the organiza-
tion of our studies that inspiration will come.

At first we do not take exact account of the
phenomenon. During a moment when all our
thoughts are deeply concentrated on our work, a
sudden flood of ideas will surge through the mind.
The pen cannot write quickly enough. Under the
sway of this panorama of thoughts we can write,
meditate, reason, and deduce with marvellous ease.
After having written a number of pages in which
we believe we have discovered the solution of the
problem, we are brought up short by some question
which seems to be bristling with obstacles. We
stop working, worried by this new aspect of the
subject about which we had not dreamed. The next
time, having worked on this new idea, we start work
once more. The same clear insight is manifested,
bringing in its train the joy of seeing new points of
view, until yet another difficulty intervenes. This
one always seems worse than the other. We ask
ourselves whether it is reasonable to carry on with
this method. At last we try again, and sufficiently
interesting results reward us for the efforts we have

Under the influence of concentration of thought,

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we focus our consciousness on the purely mental
plane, which gives rise to new associations of ideas.
Such is the mechanism of the phenomenon.

Several years of training are needed before
inspiration becomes a regular working method.
Numerous obstacles hinder its development : bad
physical or psychological conditions, the temperature
or humidity of the atmosphere, education, home life,
general surroundings, daily impulses and ways of
thinking, all play a part in helping or hindering the
development of this new faculty.

Thus, on certain days we no sooner sit down to
our work than we come under the spell of this higher
understanding. Everything seems childishly simple.
And this state seems so normal that it is as if it had
always existed and would now last for ever.

Then, if at that moment we bring our attention to
bear on the phenomenon itself, in order to discover
its rationale, everything stops immediately and we
find ourselves unable to put two ideas together.

At other times, on the contrary, we feel in excellent
form. We sit down at our desk quite sure that we
shall obtain extraordinary light on the work in hand.
An hour goes by, two hours, without the slightest
results. Even if we carry on for from four to five
hours nothing will happen. The mind seems
covered with an impenetrable veil and we give up
in a state of bad temper and dissatisfaction.

The periods of work carried out under the
influence of inspiration are marked by a feeling of
peace, of joy, and of confidence which stays with us
the whole day.

The "atmosphere" which surrounds us at such
times varies with the subject we are studying. When

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as being made up of ninety-nine parts of crude
matter and one part of pure energy. Reciprocally,
we shall have ninety-nine parts of pure energy and
one part of crude matter at the opposite extremity.
Now, in all the fractions of this imaginary universe
we shall always have one hundred units with a
variable proportion in the aspects pure energy and
crude matter. From which we have our conceptions
of constant equilibrium and of the transformation of

In whatever degree these hypotheses may be
illusory, I shall always finish up at the essential
points of experience.

(I) One substance, eternal, manifesting under
the aspects of matter and force.

(2) A constant equilibrium on every plane.
(3) An energy pressing the atoms towards a

centre: crude matter.
(4) Complete absence of pressure: pure force.
(5) The possibility for the human soul to pene-

trate into each of these states of the universal sub-
stance—that which seems heavy and dark, being the
crude matter aspect, and I:hat which seems light and
luminous being the pure energy aspect.

(6) Lastly, a unity of conscious sensations, which
considers the crude matter aspect as an imprison-
ment of all the faculties with a minimum of satis-
faction, and the pure energy aspect as an absolute
freedom of action with a maximum of satisfaction.

Do not trouble too much about the definitions
which are given in course of this book. Rather try to
seize hold of the relationships which are born
from them. At each step you take in this path
you will understand better why and in what way

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consciousness is a unity of life capable of expressing
itself in a multiplicity of forms.

Do not worry whether humanity will follow you
in your deductions. These studies have this about
them, that in working for yourself you will open a
new field of experience for others. You therefore
contribute your share in giving a little more peace
to the world. Let every one do as much and
evolution will no longer be a mere word.


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