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112 Reports

That, in view of the possible condemnation of the land on which the
Fukuoka W. F. M. S. Evangelistic Center is located, because of road building,
we commit the matter of the temporary housing of the kindergarten to the
local missionaries with the Kyushin members of the finance committee, with
power to use the small sums for this purpose.


Voted: That in accordance with the request of the field property com-
mittee Miss Miller be allowed to sell the former Bible school dormitory prop-
erty, Lots No. 136, tsubo 128, and No. 152, tsubo 55, and to use the proceeds
to help with the endowment for the Sam II School.

That Lot No. 156, tsubo 357, of Tolmoro School property, Chemulpo
District, be sold to the church if they will undertake the purchase, the money
being held by the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society treasurer on the field
for the present.

That the school building of the Yong Mori School, Seoul District, which
is built on church land, be given to the Korean Methodist Church Zaidan, if
the church will accept full responsibility for the school, thus releasing Miss Hall
as founder and principal.

That, at the request of the field treasurer, consent be given to use the
$865.42 left on the Freeman gift for East Gate Hospital.

That we regret that it is impossible to grant the request of Mrs. Chafiin
for $2,000 for a building in Manchuria.

That we regret that at this time we cannot grant the sum of $3,000 for
the Seoul Public Health Building.

That we approve the erection of a new building at the Seoul Social
Evangelistic Center, Korea, the Southern Methodist women in America having
contributed $22,500 from the Week of Prayer Fund, the remainder being raised
by the Korean constituency and the sale of the land.


Voted: That Mrs. Nicholson be asked to reply to the letter received from
Rev. Popoff of Lovetch, Bulgaria; to write to Biship Neulson concerning the
situation, to the missionaries at the Lovetch School, and to Miss Knox, official


Voted: That for the time being, Catherine Jackson remain in Malaya on
retirement furlough and that furlough salary be paid to her there.

That Malaya, in order to release funds needed for support of missionaries,
consider the closing of one station.


Voted: That in response to the request from Sumatra, we pay $123.65,
2/5 of the amount paid for the services of the mission consul, and that the
general treasurer, Mrs. Masland, make further study of the total amount

That we refer to Mrs. Nicholson, president of the International Depart-
ment, the request of the field reference committee in Sumatra, regarding the
salary of Miss Elsa Schwab being paid through the regular channels of the
Woman's Foreign Missionary Society field treasurer.

That the sum of $125.00 be paid for the mission consul fee in Sumatra.
To allow the Minneapolis Branch accumulated fund due to exchange to

remain in Sumatra —the use thereof to be left to the discretion of the field
reference committee in consultation with the official correspondent.

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Foreign Department 113

Philippine Islands

Voted: That we approve the request for our share of the budget of $1,000.00
for the Hterature and publications committee of the National Christian
Council ($165.00) for their revolving fund for the production of the literature
on the project basis for specific and immediate use.

That we grant the request of the field reference committee that the un-
occupied land at San Fernando be sold, and the proceeds used to buy the
Vigan site, no debt to the Society to be incurred on the field.

That an appropriation of $250 be allowed for a new dormitory roof and
septic vault for the Tuguegaro Dormitory, to be paid by Cincinnati Branch.

That Lila Corbett be allowed to come on furlough in 1938 in order that
she may return to the field to serve another term before the age limit placed
by Government.

The payment of our contribution toward the Manila budget of the
Philippine Council, for the support of the Rev. E. K. Higdon, 1936-37.

That Mrs. Harmer be chairman of the combined group of the medical
and miscellaneous policy committee for the special study of the Mary J.
Johnston Hospital, this group to report at the Mid-Year Meeting.

North Africa

Voted: That Miss Eva Ostrom be permitted to remain another year at the
Boys Home in Constantine.


Voted: That the money in the hands of Miss Pearson from the sale of the
Sadi Carno propertv, approximately $900.00 and the amount still to be paid,
$850.00, be held in Mexico to:

(1) pay indemnities still pending, and
(2) repairs on the Keen School.
That until action is taken to the contrary, our school buildings in Mexico

be rented to the Mexican directors for the rentals to be decided upon by the
field reference committee. In case any contract shall be terminated, three
months notice shall be given to the directors.

South America

Voted: That we regret that the Woman's Foreign Missionary Society finds
it impossible to increase our appropriation to the Committee on Cooperation
in Latin America.


Voted: That missionary salaries in Peru be paid at the rate of exchange of
the day.

That Philadelphia Branch be permitted to put into its appropriations the
salary of Miss Mildred C. Williams, a contract teacher in Peru, beginning
Jan.'l, 1938.

That the following items be paid by the general treasurer:

Committee on Cooperation in Latin America $700.00
Committee on Cooperation in Philippine Islands 715.00
Literature for the Philippines 165.00
Central Christian Council, Korea 600.00
Literature, Korea 100.00
Hakodate fire insurance 400.00

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