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Chapter 1 Coco Chanel

Chapter 2 Hanae Mori

Chapter 3 Anita Roddick

Chapter 4 Oprah Winfrey

Chapter 5 Madonna

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1978 the first Body Shop opened outside the UK, in Brussels,
and the next year the business spread to Sweden and Greece. By
1981, a new Body Shop was opening somewhere in the world
every two weeks.

As the business grew, The Body Shop started making more and
more different products. People often came to Anita with strange
ideas for natural cosmetics that she could use in her business.

One day, an old lady from Vienna arrived at The Body Shop's
offices with a bag of white powder. She explained that it was a
special skin treatment which her grandfather had prepared for
Archduke Ferdinand of Austria many years ago. Anita liked the
story and agreed to test the lady's white powder. To her surprise,
it really worked, and it later became one of the Body Shop's most
successful products. The little old lady returned to Austria to lead
a comfortable life, because Anita had promised to give her 10% of
all the money that her product made.

In 1984, Anita and Gordon decided that The Body Shop
needed even more money so it could continue to grow. They
decided to sell shares in the company at the London Stock
Exchange. Half of these shares were already owned by Ian
McGlinn because he owned half the company as a result of his
arrangement with Anita in 1976. Anita and Gordon kept some
shares in The Body Shop for themselves and they sold the rest to
the public. When the Body Shop shares first went on sale, Anita
and Gordon were at the London Stock Exchange to watch. At the
start of the day, the share price was £0.95. But as the hours passed,
the price went higher as more and more people tried to buy a
piece of The Body Shop. When the Stock Exchange finished
business that afternoon, the price had risen to £1.65. Anita took
out a piece of paper and added some figures together. The value of
her own Body Shop shares was £1.5 million. After just eight years
in business, at the age of forty-two, Anita Roddick was a


Soon Body Shops were opening in towns
and cities across the UK.

Page 37

P e n g u i n R e a d e r s F a c t s h e e t s

Chapter 3 Anita Roddick
Pages 26–33
1 Which of these things might Anita Roddick say?

(a) Businesses should make their office buildings
friendly to the environment.

(b) People must keep their family life separate from
their office life.

(c) A business doesn’t need to have its head office in
a big capital city.

(d) Cosmetics cannot be made from natural
ingredients alone.

(e) A business should buy its materials as cheaply as
possible and sell them for as much money as

2 Work with a partner. Look at the top of page 31. Anita
wants to borrow £4000 to open a second shop. One
of you is Anita Roddick. The other is the bank
manager. Anita asks for the money. The bank manager
says why she can’t have it.

Pages 34–36
Answer these questions.

1 (a) Why is the world getting hotter?

(b) What happened at Bhopal in India in December

(c) In what year was there an explosion at Chernobyl
power station in the Ukraine?

(d) Why does Anita Roddick ask her customers to use
their Body Shop cosmetics bottles more than once?

(e) What do the Kayapo people sell to the Body Shop?

( f ) Why did the Body Shop share price suddenly fall
in 1994?

2 Talk to a partner. Some people think Anita Roddick
only talks about the environment because she wants
to make more money. Do you agree?

Chapter 4 Oprah Winfrey
Pages 37–39
Answer these questions.

(a) What kind of people mostly watch the Oprah Winfrey

(b) Oprah is a millionaire. Why do ordinary Americans feel
that Oprah is like them?

(c) What kind of a boss did Harvey McKay say that Oprah

(d) Which of these subjects did Oprah’s viewers already
know about?

(i) her health problems (ii) her childhood

(iii) her future plans (iv) her weight problems

(v) her business problems (vi) her relationships

(vii) her friends’ secrets

(e) Why do you think she called her company Harpo
Productions? (Look at her name.)

Pages 39–44
1 Match the two halves of these sentences about Oprah.

(a) Oprah sometimes started to cry

(b) Oprah hit Chicago

(c) When The Oprah Winfrey Show was sold to TV
stations across America

(d) She spent a lot of money to make sure that
Harpo Productions

(e) Ordinary people like Oprah because

(i) like a bucket of cold water.

(ii) she became a millionaire overnight.

(iii) they think she is honest and comes from a tough

(iv) was the best TV production company in Chicago.

(v) when she was reading the news.

2 Imagine you had your own TV chat show. Who would
you like to interview on television? What would you
ask them? Talk to another student.

Chapter 5 Madonna
Pages 45–48
Answer these questions.

(a) How many times has Madonna married?

(b) Who has always been in control of Madonna’s
business life?

(c) How much money did Madonna have with her when
she arrived in New York to make herself a star?

(d) What was the name of the song that won her a
recording contract?

(e) What did MTV do in 1981 that changed the music
business forever?

( f ) How did Madonna persuade Freddy Demann to be her

Pages 49–53
1 Who …

(a) is a material girl?

(b) shot at newspaper photographers in helicopters?

(c) paid Madonna $5million for a one-year
advertising contract?

(d) said that Madonna was not welcome in Italy?

(e) asked if Madonna was America’s cleverest
businesswoman in 1990?

( f ) did Maverick sign a record contract with in 1995
and then sold 27 million copies of her first

2 Look at the last sentence on page 53. Two of these
nouns are connected with each of the five
businesswomen. Can you match them? Write a
sentence for each one saying why they are connected.

Biarritz Chicago Kayapo Littlehampton Mao Zedong

Maverick No.5 Omotesando Oxygen Media Pontiac

1 Look at what Coco Chanel says at the top of page 1.
Do you agree that fashion is about ideas and the way
we live? Write down some ideas or discuss them with
another student.

2 Make an advertisement for one of the businesses you
have read about. Put as much information on it as you
can about the products and the ideas behind the

3 Choose which of the five companies you would most
like to work for. Write a letter asking for a job. Say
what you can offer them.

4 Read what each of the five women says about their
attitude to life and business at the beginning of each
chapter. Try to describe your attitude to life in one or
two sentences.

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