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Title Page
Csound: what is it?
1 - Csound: How it works
2 - Additive synthesis
3 - Subtractive synthesis
4 - Flow-charts
5 - Stereo, Control signals, Vibrato, Tremolo, 3-D Sound
6 - Digital Audio
7 - Sampling and processing
8 - Sound Analysis and Resynthesis
9 - Using Midi Files
10 - Real time MIDI controls
11 - Amplitude modulation and ring modulation
12 - Frequency modulation (FM)
13 - Global variables, Echo, Reverb, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Convolution
14 - The Table Opcode. Waveshaping synthesis, Vector synthesis
15 - Granular synthesis and Formant synthesis
16 - Physical modeling synthesis
17 - Csound as a programming language
Appendix 1: Wcshell
Appendix 2: Mathematics and Trigonometry
Csound and Linux
Generating and modifying scores with general purpose programming languages
Dyad controlled additive synthesis
Sound synthesis by iterated nonlinear functions
GSC4: a Csound program for granular synthesis
DirectCsound and VMCI: The paradigm of interactivity
Csound web sites
Riccardo Bianchini: Curriculum
Alessandro Cipriani: Curriculum
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