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TitleVijeo Citect v7.40 Service Pack 2 - Release Notes
TagsString (Computer Science) Web Server Installation (Computer Programs) Compiler Windows Xp
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Table of Contents
                            Vijeo Citect v7.40
Release Notes for Service Pack 2
	What’s New in Vijeo Citect v7.40 SP2
	Service Pack Installation
		Existing Vijeo Citect v7.40 Users
		New Vijeo Citect v7.40 Users
		Upgrading Vijeo Citect v7.40 Web Server to Service Pack 2
	Service Pack Uninstall
		Supported Windows Versions
		Uninstallation of Web Server and Web Client(s)
	Files changed in this Service Pack
		Added Files - Vijeo Citect
		Updated Files - Vijeo Citect
		Added Files - Vijeo Citect Web Server
		Updated Files - Vijeo Citect Web Server
	Known Issues
	Issues resolved in this Service Pack
		Bug Fixes
			Project Development Utilities
			Process Analyst
			IO System
			Display System
			Runtime Issues
			Tag Browsing
			Web Client
			Remaining Modules
	Issues resolved in Service Pack 1

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