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Preface 5

Chapter One

Chapter Two

2.1 Views of Prof. S.G.Dani about Vedic

Mathematics from Frontline 33
2.2 Neither Vedic Nor Mathematics 50
2.3 Views about the Book in Favour and Against 55
2.4 Vedas: Repositories of Ancient Indian Lore 58
2.5 A Rational Approach to Study Ancient Literature 59
2.6 Shanghai Rankings and Indian Universities 60
2.7 Conclusions derived on Vedic Mathematics and the

Calculations of Guru Tirthaji - Secrets of
Ancient Maths 61

Chapter Three

3.1 Introduction to FCM and the Working of this Model 65
3.2 Definition and Illustration of

Fuzzy Relational Maps (FRMS) 72
3.3 Definition of the New Fuzzy Dynamical System 77

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3.4 Neutrosophic Cognitive Maps with Examples 78
3.5 Description of Neutrosophic Relational Maps 87
3.6 Description of the new Fuzzy Neutrosophic model 92

Chapter Four

4.1 Views of students about the use of Vedic
Mathematics in their curriculum 97

4.2 Teachers views on Vedic Mathematics and
its overall influence on the Students Community 101

4.3 Views of Parents about Vedic Mathematics 109
4.4 Views of Educationalists about Vedic Mathematics 114
4.5 Views of the Public about Vedic Mathematics 122

Chapter Five

5.1 Students’ Views 165
5.2 Views of Teachers 169
5.3 Views of Parents 180
5.4 Views of the Educated 182
5.5 Observations from the Views of the Public 193




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etc. Some teachers ask them to recite it individually; They
feel so shy to pronounce meaningless Sanskrit words which
is difficult to run smoothly through their mouth. For this act
they become a laughing stock in the class and the Vedic
Mathematics teachers take it as an insult and doubly punish
the children.”

11. Some of the uneducated and not-so-literate parents said,

“after all my son is going to become a computer engineer,
how is this sutra in Sanskrit going to help him?” The
children say that the mathematical content is elementary
arithmetic of primary level. One lady said, “they waste our
money and our children’s time by these Vedic Mathematics
classes” though she has only studied up to 5th standard. The
questions she put to us about Vedic Mathematics was very
pertinent. She laughed and said, “in temples they blabber
something like this and get money, that too like beggars in a
plate; now they have started to come to this school and get
money in hundreds by saying some meaningless sutras.”
She further added that she was happy because her second
son is studying in a Convent. She says in that school no
such sloka-stuff is taught. Only after enquiring this, she put
him in a different school. She says only Hindu schools teach
Vedic Mathematics. Convents and Corporation schools or
Government-run schools do not teach Vedic Mathematics.
She says “I am uneducated. I want my children to get good
education.” She asked us, “Why is Vedic Mathematics
having slokas? Are they training them as temple priests?”
We have put this mainly to show how even uneducated
parents take interest in their children’s education!

12. Most of the parents said Vedic Mathematics teachers do not

have tolerance or patience, they easily punish children for
very simple things like laughing or not concentrating or
attentive in the class by looking at the teachers. Only this
atmosphere made the classes noisy, uncontrollable and
unruly. The Vedic Mathematics teachers do not appear to be
well-trained teachers. Some ask the students in Vedic

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Mathematics classes whether they take bath daily and so on
which is irrelevant, apart from being too personal.

13. Some parents said Vedic Mathematics teachers speak of

epics and characters like Mahabaratha’s ‘Kamsa’ and so on.
They feel a mathematics class cannot have place for epics;
why Krishna or Kamsa should come while teaching
mathematics? One may adore Krishna, some other person
may worship Kamsa it is after all individual freedom,
choice and taste! No one should preach Hinduism in
Mathematics class because there are Christian and Muslim
boys who might feel offended! Also some teachers gave
long lecture on Vedas and Vedic tradition, which they
consider as the high heritage of Indians. Some parents said,
“Are not Christians and Muslims living in India; Indians?
Why did they become or converted to Christianity and
Islam? They were humiliated and treated worse than
animals by the Brahmins so to live and lead a life of self
respect they sought Christianity or Islam.” Some parents
asked us, “if alone Christians and Muslims had not entered
India; can ever a non-Brahmin dream of education?” They
felt Vedic Mathematics was imposing brahminism i.e.,
casteism on children so they strongly objected to it. Some
parents had already changed the school (and many had
plans for changing their wards to a different school) because
they felt it was unbearable to impose “Hindutva” in the
name of Vedic Mathematics. (Several other charges were
made which we have not given fully).

14. Vedic Mathematics classes had become the seed of

discrimination on the basis of caste in schools! This was a
view shared by non-Brahmin parents.

15. A tiny section of the educated parents said they have read

the book on Vedic Mathematics and they had found it very
elementary. Yet they felt that it was a powerful means of
establishing the supremacy of the Aryans over the entire
world. We wonder why they need mathematics to do this
dirty trade?

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rdhva – tiryagbhy m, 11, 19


Vestanam, 11
Vilokanam, 11
Vyastisamastih, 11, 23


Weighted NRM, 88


Y vad nam T vad nam, 11
Y vad nam T vad n krtya Varga ca Yojayet, 11, 23
Y vad nam, 11, 23

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Dr.W.B.Vasantha Kandasamy is an Associate Professor in the
Department of Mathematics, Indian Institute of Technology
Madras, Chennai. In the past decade she has guided 11 Ph.D.
scholars in the different fields of non-associative algebras,
algebraic coding theory, transportation theory, fuzzy groups, and
applications of fuzzy theory of the problems faced in chemical
industries and cement industries. Currently, four Ph.D. scholars
are working under her guidance.

She has to her credit 636 rese arch papers. She has guided
over 51 M.Sc. and M.Tech. projects. She has worked in
collaboration projects with the Indian Space Research
Organization and with the Tamil Nadu State AIDS Control Society.
This is her 29 th book.

On India's 60th Independen ce Day, Dr.Vasantha was
conferred the Kalpana Chawla Award for Courage and Daring
Enterprise by the State Government of Tamil Nadu in recognition
of her sustained fight for social justice in the Indian Institute of
Technology (IIT) Madras and for her contribution to mathematics.
(The award, instituted in the memory of Indian-American
astronaut Kalpana Chawla who died aboard Space Shuttle
Columbia). The award carried a cash prize of five lakh rupees (the
highest prize-money for any Indian award) and a gold medal.
She can be contacted at [email protected]
You can visit her on the web at: or:

Dr. Florentin Smarandache is an Associate Professor of
Mathematics at the University of New Mexico in USA. He
published over 75 books and 100 articles and notes in
mathematics, physics, philosophy, psychology, literature, rebus.
In mathematics his research is in number theory, non-Euclidean
geometry, synthetic geometry, algebraic structures, statistics,
neutrosophic logic and set (genera lizations of fuzzy logic and set
respectively), neutrosophic probab ility (generalization of classical
and imprecise probability). Also, small contributions to nuclear
and particle physics, information fusion, neutrosophy (a
generalization of dialectics), law of sensations and stimuli, etc.
He can be contacted at [email protected]

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