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February 28, 1974:

A single witness case, this report was made by a man who is described by his acquaintances and
friends as a very simple man, fifty years of age, grown old prematurely by hard labor in an open forge.
Until his observation, he absolutely did not believe in the UFO phenomena. Even his family, after being
told of his experience, showed no interest, and his wife and two sons did not even bother to go see the
place or the landing traces on the ground.

After his experience, the witness proceeded on to work, where in response to questions, he
revealed the details of his encounter with strange humanoids. As a result, he was ridiculed and became
the object of unsettling raillery and ultimately became quite depressed. Consequently, when the
experience came to the attention of researchers, the investigation was made quite difficult because the
witness did not want to talk. Eventually, he consented to an interview and the investigators learned the

At 5:30 a.m. on the day in question, Mr. X left his home and took the road (State Route 38, then
called RN 363) to Origney-en-Thierache (Aisne Province), France. He passed the last houses of the
hamlet of Routieres and took the curve just before the bridge over the Thon (a river between Oise and
Etreoupont), seeing nothing but that part of the roadway illuminated by his headlight. After crossing the
bridge, he was suddenly stopped and was “nose to nose” with two “cosmonauts,” as he called them. The
man was stupefied and did not understand what had happened, so he asked them how they had stopped
him since he had not slowed down or braked. He then noticed a large dark mass, circular, to the left in
the grass below the level of the road (about 1 meter below or 3.3 feet) and about 35 meters (110 feet)
from him and immediately thought that this must be their “ship.” He noticed nothing else — no signals,
noise, absolutely nothing except the dark circular mass.

The witness had put his feet on the ground to keep his balance, the two figures were standing
facing him on each side holding the handlebars, and it seemed that they were watching him. They
appeared about 1.7 meters (5 feet, 6 inches) tall and wore dark uniforms like an astronaut’s, including a
helmet with an opening for the face, but nothing could be distinguished because it was dark inside and it
seemed as though their faces were covered. No other details could be made out, except that the gloves
had five fingers which were joined to the suit at the shoulders.

The witness later estimated the height of the object in the field as 1.8 to 2 meters (6 feet to 6 feet,
8 inches) and was “as large as two cars.”

The “cosmonauts,” after stopping the motorcycle, made very expressive gestures which the
witness described as quasi-human, and seemed to be telling him that they needed food. He panicked.
The two UFOnauts were looking at each other, turning their helmets. Then the one on the left made a
sign to the one on the right and the witness saw the latter “search” with his hand behind his back for
something which the witness could not see. Then, this being showed a morsel of a substance of about
1.2 centimeters (.39 inches) on the palm of his right hand and made new signs with his left hand, seeming
to indicate that the witness should eat what he was offered. Completely panicked, the witness grabbed
the material (which seemed like a bit of chocolate), put it in his mouth, and ate it. The substance had no
taste and was of a softer consistency than chocolate. The two entities watched as he ate; then when he
was finished, they let go of his motorcycle and he left as quickly as he could.

Upon questioning later, the man could not tell whether the engine of his cycle had been stopped
or not, and being glad to get out of the predicament, he did not come back nor did he ever look back as
he made his hasty departure.

The investigation of this case was carried out two months after the fact and inspection of the area
where the dark mass had sat revealed nothing; however, neighbors and friends who went to the area
after hearing the witness’s story said that they had found an area which was circular in shape in which the
grass had been flattened or compressed. This area measured 4 or 5 meters (13½ - 16½ feet) in

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through which issued air. He said he felt ill if he turned away from the openings and felt they served to
keep him conscious. He estimated the “sphere” was 2½ to 3 meters (about 7 or 8 feet) in diameter.

Suddenly, Diaz reports, three creatures resembling humans came sliding into the sphere. They
appeared to be 1.74 to 1.80 meters in height (approximately 5 feet, 10 inches), their heads were half the
size of a human head and completely devoid of features — no ears, nose, mouth, or eyes. The head was
mossy green in color and the body, which was rather thin, was covered with something Diaz defined as
rubber — light, cream-colored, and very soft, and the creatures were completely hairless. The arms were
almost straight and very flexible, and ended in “stumps” rather than hands and fingers.

When the creatures came into the sphere, they immediately began pulling tufts of hair from Diaz’
head. He didn’t know how they did it, at first, not having hands or fingers, but each time they would reach
out, their arms would pull back and they had hair. They would then jump up and down, and wave their

Diaz tried to resist the creatures, but to no avail. During his struggles, Diaz felt the softness of
their bodies and ultimately noted they had “suckers” on their arms and assumed that was the method by
which they removed the hair. One of them held him, another pulled his hair, and the third apparently only
observed. Diaz noted the fact that he felt no pain as they pulled at his hair, both on his head and chest.
The creatures moved slowly, but were very strong and seemingly tireless, he said. After this ordeal was
over, Diaz’ sight began to wane gradually and he then fainted. He remembers nothing else of the

Several hours went by and Diaz woke up and found himself lying on the grass and had to close
his eyes as the sun was high and shining into them. He was fully recovered and conscious, and near a
large, busy highway. Diaz looked at his watch which had stopped at 3:50, the time he last noted before
his experience began. Beside him was his bag containing his work clothes and the newspaper he had
bought hours before. Diaz felt ill and this illness stayed with him throughout the day.

We are immediately struck by three similarities in the Higdon and Diaz cases, namely: in
both instances, the “creatures” had no hands or fingers, and in both cases, the witness suffered a
loss of appetite after the experience, and lastly, the entities in both cases “glided” rather than

As we have pointed out in the APRO Bulletin in the past, we must consider the possibil ity
of deliberate confusion in these cases of absolutely bizarre (to us) creatures and experiences. It
seems likely in Higdon’s case that he was under the influence (both he and his gun) of something
when he went over the crest of that hill and saw the el k. In Diaz’ case, he was rendered
unconscious before his experience with the humanoids began. Was he also under some kind of
influence? Obviously something unusual happened to him — the absence of hair in various spots
on his head and chest attest to th at. If we speculate that he pulled his own hair out, for whatever
reason, we must then consider the fact that, outside of one interview with a magazine, he
permitted no interviews with newspapers, radio or TV, and was questioned by only one civilian
UFO investigator, Mr. Peter Romaniuk. He obviously did not thirst for publicity or notoriety. Then
we have the problem of how he got from Bahia Blanca to Buenos Aires in a matter of four hours
and ten minutes — a distance of 423 miles. In the United States, traveling on the best roads and
breaking speed limits, the best that could be done would be something over five hours. Diaz does
not own a car. We can rule out cars and, of course, buses. That leaves only air travel.

Diaz did not drive from Bahia Blan ca to Buenos Aires. Nor did he fly; there was no record
of a man of his description having booked passage on an airline on that date, and actually, the
airlines do not have a schedule which would accommodate that time period.

So how did Diaz get there? It is established that he did indeed work at the Holy Protective
Society until the hour he claims. He did ride the bus to his stop and he did get off. But what he

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did in the ensuing hours until he was found lying beside the road in Buenos Aires, we can only
learn from him. What he remembers seems unacceptable, but on the other hand, we have the
problem of the missing hair.

With this last case, we have what appears to be a motley bunch of reports of impossible
things — “flying men.” Clearly, though, there is a correlation in the majority of the reports; they
were small, wore some sort of clothing, had no visible means of locomotion, yet they could fly.

Of the four elements which has confronted man from the dawn of time, he has come to
grips with three: he walks upon the face of the earth, he has learned to propel himself through the
water without artificial help, and he has designed protective covering so that he can walk into fire
if it should become necessary. But he has yet to devise a means by which to propel himself
through the air without some mechanical aid.

Man has always wanted to “fly.” There was the mythological Icarus who flew too close to
the sun and his wax wings melted.

One of the many inventions of Leonardo da Vinci was the prototype of the modern

On that historic day at Kitty Hawk, in North Carolina, the Wright brothers proved that it
was possible for man to fly — with the help of a machine.

Since then, man has gone on to improve upon the machine so that he can transport
hundreds of people through the air in one machine at speeds approaching that of sound. Quite an
accomplishment! Yet, man has not been able to devise an instrument by which one individual can
take off and easily fly through the air with out benefit of large and cumbersome mechanical
devices. But — the cases we have examined here indicate that someone , and usually someone
associated with UFOs, has perfected a method by which they can do precisely that: fly without the
benefit of a machine or device.

It is quite likely that some sort of device was used in all cases, but that the witness or
witnesses were so surprised that they failed to make a careful, detailed observation. Or it may
simply be that because most such cases take place at night, not much detail is readily discernible.

In summing up the cases of the flying, floating UFO “men,” we should consider the
advantages of free flight for an individual. UFOs have been seen in the air, going into and coming
out of water, on the ground, and accompanied by occupants.

However, if they are carrying out some kind of research, it is difficult for them to obtain
certain data, such as our mode of living and things of that nature, without close-up, close-
encounter study. If “they” have devised a means by which an individual can fly, then they can
operate at will in urban areas where it would be somewhat difficult to park a flying machine and
thence, dispatch individuals to investigate on foot without fear of hindrance or capture.

Most UFO sightings, as the evidence shows, take place at night and the cases of UFOs
landing in urban areas are very rare. Therefore, what would be more useful and appropriate than
a device by which UFO occupants could gain easy access to places of interest which they
otherwise would have to pass by?

Man may not yet have learned to fly without cumbersome mechanical means, but someone
or something has!


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