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	Weapons of Mass Seduction
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Weapons of Mass Attracion, A Proven Potent
Process for Seducing Women
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First Published July 2007

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Page 104

followed the emotive avenues
dreading work > lack of motivation

The result?
She was emotionally engaged, saw you as interesting and you laid the
foundations for attraction.

This is a sure thing and is one of the most important techniques in this book.
Use it.

How to talk to a group:
There are three key things you need to remember when maintaining the
interest of a group of more than two people: eye contact, enthusiasm
and gesticulations (this is nothing to do with genitalia). Do not be afraid to
move around or be overly animated. Even though at times you might feel
like a circus monkey, it is better to be over-animated than deadpan.

Your eyes should engage everyone other than the obstacles (usually
male competition). There is no need to make them feel included. Having
said that, a male in the group might pose a threat even if he is not a
natural with women. In this instance you can move to include them in the
conversation as it will win them over. Making them feel included can often
lead these average guys to like you as they rarely get acceptance in
other areas of their life.

Make sure to be enthusiastic. The way not to make a total fool of yourself
is to gauge the energy level of the set you are in and then to be slightly
more enthusiastic than everyone else. If you go in with less energy you can
be seen as a drain on the group’s energy level. Too much and you come
across as a bit crazy.

Enthusiasm is shown through your facial expressions, gestures and voice
tones. Experiment with these when you are in sets as the only real way to
know what level of enthusiasm you should have is by trial and error. Soon
you will get what we call a “social instinct”; this is the gut feeling you have
when you know that you should do one thing and not another.

As mentioned earlier this is the same feeling you get when you know you
can’t say “Fuck” in front of your grandmother. You tried it once in your
younger days, got reprimanded and then developed this gut feeling that
now always tells you what is acceptable. This is the same process by which
you can choose to help shape you into a socially savvy seducer.

Tip: if you are at the same energy as you environment (e.g. laid back at
a book store or highly animated at a nightclub) you will be perceived as
looking comfortable and suited to any environment you happen to be in.

Page 105

Sexual Innuendo
You need to communicate to your woman that you are a sexual being. It
is a skill to communicate this without being received as either perverse or
interested in the woman. You need to be able to insert sexual innuendo
into your sentences and humour but it needs not pertain directly to what
you will do to her. An innuendo is a remark or gesture that usually carries
with it an indication of impropriety.

In other words, it’s saying one thing, but meaning something that might be
a bit rude if you said it outright.
An example may be:

Name: Kylie
Age: 20
Location: Cushion Room

then all the guys grabbed me and threw me straight into the pool, it
was so embarrassing I had to walk around soaked for the rest of the night

so I guess all it takes is a few men throwing you around to make you
wet, don’t worry you’re not alone, I feel the same way

Notice how this is completely different to if I said:
“So I guess when guys throw you around it gets you physically turned on
so much that you want to have sex. That’s ok because I get turned on by
being handled by men as well”

This is what innuendo is all about, you suggest that what you said could be
taken in another context but you don’t ever make it as blatantly obvious
as the passage above. Ever.

The effect is that you direct your woman’s mind towards the idea of sex
whilst in your presence and consequently she will associate you with sex in
her mind.

This is reiterating my point earlier that people will label you with the feelings
you instill in them during your interactions.

It is easy to get away without seeming rude if you say it playfully (refer to
“How to be Playful”).

Page 207

ever happen), then go by yourself, and make friends at the venue. It will
be good practice, and more importantly, it will get you in the habit of

Never turn down an invitation. This will change as your social network
expands and you can afford to be more picky, but at first, you don’t want
to turn down any invite, even if it’s for the Senior Citizen’s Annual Bowling
Lunch. The reasoning here is that when you are out, positive experiences
and interactions become possible where they are not when you are
staying in. You might go to the aforementioned Bowling Lunch and make
a contact with a cute bartender, for example. She might even be a fat
and ugly bartender, but that’s not to say she won’t have cute friends. Or
that she has an intriguing personality. As you become more social, you will
notice that you are making connections wherever you go.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Being clingy is a foul social attribute,
in fact, it might as well be spelled d-e-a-t-h. The acid test is this, if you’re
not sure if you’re being clingy or not: are you talking to them because you
want to contribute to their life, or are you doing it because you are scared
that when they are gone you will be alone?
If it is the former, you are fine. If it is the latter, you are seeking validation,
and probably acting clingy. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – work
on having multiple options, and when you’re organising something, invite
a lot of people, not just the ones you’ve handpicked.

Nurture old friendships: There’s not much point in making a whole bunch
of new contacts if you keep letting old ones die off. Keep in contact with
old friends. Don’t do something lame like ring them out of the blue, just
call them when you think of them. For example, there’s an old mate from
school who I used to play guitar with, and I don’t see much anymore. But
every now and then I’ll see something that reminds me of the old days, so
I’ll send him a text about it. Because this is genuine, it won’t seem random
and odd.

“Pruning” – Severing Connections
By Bee Sting

You might be thinking, “this is an article about building social circles – why
on earth would I want to know how to sever connections??” The reason is
simple: negative influences bring you down. You’re only human, and when
someone pays you out for being proactive and organising a work outing,
for example, it’s going to have an impact on you, especially if you’re just
starting out with the whole socialising thing. The hardest situation would be
at work, where you have to see the person every day. Usually, however, it
will be somebody who there’s no reason to see or interact with very often.
Here are ways they might disrespect you:

Page 208

not replying to an sms
not returning a call
paying you out in front of a group, or making jokes at your expense
saying “ooo..kkkk….” when you try to engage them or tell a joke
excluding you from social interactions

There is a fine line between assuming the best, a very important principle,
and severing contact with someone who disrespects you, what I call
pruning. The way to navigate around this dilemma is simple: do not sever
contact out of hate, or as revenge. Do it from the frame that you are a
worthy person, and people have to earn your respect. Whenever I sever
contact with someone, I have the notion that if they were to attempt
to re-engage me, I would welcome them. Sometimes they do, and
sometimes they don’t, however, either way they are out of my thoughts.
What you’ll find this way is that everyone you interact with, everyone in
your world, will be a positive person who treats you with love and respect.
Once this is established, the natural progression is that your outlook on life
and on people will be a whole lot more positive.

The next Step!
Hopefully by now you have already started using this process in every day
life and on your social outings. You should be commended on making an
active effort to invest in yourself and consequently your future. Reading
this book has taught you that you have a choice whether to evolve or be
left behind in the world of socialising and dating.

Essentially the most beneficial thing you can do is practice these
techniques out in the field and preferably with a friend or wingman beside
you for moral support. Let them know what your goals are each time you
out, this will prove more effective than venturing out with the general
purpose to socialize or seduce.

Keep checking for new tips and dating
simulators all based around the methods you have learnt in this book.

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