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Before the training and development need and plan are addressed it is empirical

that we understand the nature of business and the external environment. RVA is

a non-profit organization and very less or no money to spend on training

programs. Secondly in this case the situation has been so because of economic

downturn were people join NGO’s just to earn lively hood and not out of interest.

NGO is a form of business which attracts people who have reached their self

actualisation level (Maslow’s need hierarchy theory). Hence I would suggest that

for the present business of RVA to stabilize it should streamline its recruitment

process first and hire only those who are motivated enough to work for a noble

cause and for the society. These form of employees take ownership and

responsibility towards the society at large and any form of developmental or

financial need are not the superior most for them. In this way the organization

can attract and retain people for a long term.

The present situation at RVA and developmental program/plan

I would like to suggest the following plan to handle the present situation at RVA

1. The firm can take advantage of Government support of 2000 (GBP) p/a

and utilize it effectively for training purpose.

2. It can also approach several training institute who are voluntarily willing to

provide any kind of support on developmental programs with a very

minimal charges suitable to various categories of employees at RVA.

( several firms do have options of such training tailor made for NGO’s)

3. Most importantly today with advent of technology and virtual training

session people can learn at the convenience and comfort of their home or

office. This e-training module is very much famous and perfect for those

who cannot afford a high amount but are still interested in quality

learning. At the same time these courses provide certification which are

widely acceptable in the professional world with minimum cost (if in case

people intend on getting certification done to improve future prospect).

4. It is seen that people are not willing to take on the technical of hard skills

training which means they are more likely and interested in soft skill

training or behavioural training, so it is good option if the set of employees

can be rotated over the various jobs which will make them learn both the

aspects of learning and make the job much more enriched and enjoyable

(for learning hard skills), and can go fir virtual training on soft skills.

5. Further to stop attrition it can be mandated that initially for the first two

years nobody would be eligible for additional training apart for that which

are required for the job getting accomplished successfully

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