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TOWS Analysis

TOWS Analysis is an effective way of combining a) internal strengths with external

opportunities and threats, and b) internal weaknesses with external opportunities and threats to

develop a strategy.

To carry out a TOWS Analysis, consider the following combinations:

 Strengths/Opportunities (SO)

1. Growing market for bottle water market, Coca Cola can be a leader in this market by

extending its product line and campaign for healthy drink in the industry.

2. Coca Cola has the largest sponsorship in games such as football, Olympic etc, by

launching energy of their own brand, it could be the fastest selling product if use

some of the famous stars in the game to advertise the product.

3. Can renewed focus on ageing and affluent consumers globally.

4. Diversified in snack market

5. Providing health consciousness brand

6. investment in global market

7. Strong diversification

Strength Weaknesses

Opportunities SO Strategies WO Strategies

Threats ST Strategies WT Strategies

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 Strength/Threats (ST)

1. A number of people have limited disposable income; the company can still take

advantage through their economy of scale by reducing the price of their product at the

current economic climate.

2. Do research and know what the consumers want by this they will be able to extend

their product line to include sugar free product and by this they will be able to attract

new customers.

3. Threat of currency devaluations

4. New management team-brand consistency.

5. Government policies

 Weaknesses/Opportunities (WO)

1. With their experience staff they should be able to make an instead market decision

explore the new market.

2. Failing to conduct further market research into new market can give an advantage to

competitors by extend to the new market

3. Training to unskilled labor

4. Job securities to fear employees

5. improve negative publicity

 Weaknesses/Threats (WT)

1. The company slow in making decision can cost them in terms of their market if the

key competitors take the lead in providing what the customers want it will be

difficult for Coca Cola to win back the customers.

2. If for instance the Coca Cola sugar level exceed the requirement of the health

authorities this could lead to fall in sales hence the company will lose market share

to the Pepsi.

3. New infrastructure for the health related drinks

4. Improve performance in certain part of America

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