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A successful life style is not measured by the
quantity of accumulated possession, neither is it
measured by popularity. Rather, it consists in the
attainment of God’s goals and purposes for one’s
life. Everyone who is born of God has a divine plan
for his life, so says the Lord in Jeremiah 29:11:

The Living Bible renders it in this wonderful way:

God has plans for you. They have been there
before you were born again, waiting for you to
step into the kingdom and step into them. It is
your duty to discover these plans and step into
your divine assignment. Discover your God-given
assignment, pursue it and you will have a ministry.
Ministry is neither a dream nor a trance. It is not
a church title or leadership position held in a local
church. It is not an organization or an association.
It is a divine assignment handed down to a person
by God.
Everyone God called, He gave a task to perform.
In fact, the entire Bible is full of called-up people,
who carried out one special assignment or the
other. For instance, He called Moses to deliver
Israel from Egypt. Joshua was called to lead the
people to Canaan. Gideon He called, to deliver His

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people from the Midianites. He called David to be
king and Isaiah to be prophet, etc.
Ministry is stewardship — serving as a
messenger, to carry out the orders of your
superior. Ministry is not an idea, a feeling or a
burden. It is carrying out a given task. Also, it is
harnessing divine resources to carry out divine
assignments committed into a man’s hand.
It is not limited to the pulpit or to preaching, as
it were. Rather, it covers every area of human
need— social, moral, spiritual, physical, mental,
etc. Thus, wherever divine intervention is needed
for the gospel of the kingdom to be enhanced, God
always dispatches human agents to stand in for
Him and act on His behalf.
True, there are ministry gifts — apostles, prophets,
evangelists, pastors and teachers, but their
principal function is to perfect the saints for the
work of the ministry.

Ephesians 4:11-12

Do not get trapped in the folly of comparing
yourself with others. Rather, discover your
individuality and accept your responsibility. Every
member of the body of a lion is part of the lion and
carries the aroma of royalty around it. No wonder
Paul talks of our calling as "a high calling of God in
Christ Jesus."

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Search the Scriptures, for they were written for
our examples. Which of the patriarchs of faith was
perfect? Was it Abraham or Isaac? What about
Jacob? Or was it David, the man after God’s own
heart? None of these were perfect, but the Bible
says we should follow them:

Hebrews 6:12

If those whom you have been asked to follow
were not perfect and you are not perfect yourself,
why then do you demand perfection from others?
Perfection is not the yardstick for followership.
What matters is, "does the one you are following
have results you need to see happen in your own
ministry?" If he does, then thank God for him;
follow him to learn what you need from him. Follow
his good points and leave the bad ones alone. It is
not your responsibility to run him down.
If perfection was the yardstick for followership,
then Elijah would have been the last person
anyone would follow. The Bible has it that he
was a wild man and did whatever he wanted,
irrespective of what people thought. No wonder
there was found only one prophet in Israel who
saw something good in him and who closed his
eyes and ears to all other things, just to follow
Thus, while other prophets were castigating Elijah,
Elisha followed him, and followed through. His

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followership earned him a double portion of Elijah’s
anointing. The others who were the castigators,
the backbiters, the mockers, later became his

2 Kings 2:15

Be determined not to be a backbiter, but a
follower. The footprints of those higher than you
are to lead you to higher planes than where you
are. The Bible says you should follow them, not
run them down or castigate them.
The key word is follow, not wish their fall. If you
cannot follow those ahead of you, who you see
and can relate with, how then are you going to
follow those whom you have only read about. The
only wise thing to do is to follow them and follow
Exploits always have human points of reference.
Every outstanding figure today lays claim to some
inspiration from one person or the other ahead of
him. The latter rain anointing is going to be mainly
transferred through human vessels.
There is no new ministry under the sun. No matter
your gift or calling, someone has been there
before you and explored it to high profiting. This
is very important. The devil knows it, so when
he identifies your source, he tries to destroy it
through evil stories, so you can disconnect from
the anointed one whom you are following.

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it like the plague. Joseph would not have inherited
his future if he had committed adultery with
Potiphar’s wife. Sin leads to slavery, so break loose
from its clutches and programme your liberty. The
Bible says:

Hebrews 12:1

Do not let sin rob you of your dream. Watch out.
Do not give room to it. Keep a future of sanity and
trust God to help you.
You can have a successful life and ministry.
You are destined for greatness. Your ministry
is destined for glory; so, loose your mind from
mediocrity and use it to create a glorious future for
your life and ministry.

"Lord, thank You because when You call a man,
You equip him. And whom You equip, You use.
Grant, Lord, that this reader will have a clear
vision, commission and precision. Give him
a proper sense of direction that will result in
profitable and excellent ministry.
Thank You for the gifts that have been deposited
in him. I ask for the grace to stir them up, that his
profiting may appear to all. Thank You, because
whatever mistakes that may have hindered his
profiting in ministry hitherto have been buried
by reason of the new revelations he has received
from this book. I pray that today will mark a

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new beginning towards excellence in his life and
ministry, in Jesus’ name. Amen."

"I was created to excel in life and I know that
this is God’s will for me. I purpose to discover
what God will have me to do with my life. If I
have a call into full-time ministry, I will settle
down to ascertain the where, when, how and what
of the assignment. With boldness, I step out to
accomplish the task. Whatever task God has given
me, as I stay faithfully to my calling, I know He
abides faithful and will cause the vision to come to
pass, in Jesus’ name. Amen."

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