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Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of peach Blossoms

by Tangqi Gongzi

Translated by: Hamster428



I've been sleeping a little too much recently.

Nainai says, “It is probably your pregnancy that is making you sleepy. M'lady needs not


Nainai is my maid, and the only one who smiles at me here at Sawu Palace, the only

immortal to call me “M'lady.” All the other fairies look down on me.

Only because Yehua didn't give me any title.

And Yehua didn't give me a title because I'm a mortal, not a fairy.

It seems Nainai has opened the window because there is a slight breeze coming through,

and there is a faint sound of someone's steps from outside. Nainai's voice is tinged with

happiness, “M'lady, the Crown Prince is here to visit you.”

I sit up in still my silk nightgown and rest against the bedframe. My mind is not fully

conscious. Although I have awaken, I am still awfully exhausted.

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The bed cushion weighs down a little, and I guess Yehua has sat down next to me.

I want to wipe my eyes by habit, but when my hand touches the white fabric around my

eyes, I suddenly remember. My eyes are no longer there. In the future I won't know what

to do. Night and day will be undistinguishable and I won't be able to se anything anymore.

Yehua goes into deep thoughts momentarily and finally says

Susu, I will be your sight.

I push him away by reflex. The nightmare from that night immediately drowns over me,

frightening me into shivers.

I li

I never wanted to part with this person and his affections before. But I can't stand any of

it now. I'm only curious. If he had loved the other woman, why ever did he agree to my

ridiculous request back then?

The past, the past, if I had known I wouldn't have done so.

Yehua left. Nainai softly closes the door. I fall back onto the bed while fuzzy images flit

through my head: at times it's scenes from Mount Junji at Donghuang, at times it's

Yehua's face, then it became the bloody weapon that unfairly took away my eyes. It hurts,

it hurts, it hurts so much I want to cry. But no tears would come.

I think to myself I will return to Mount Junji after giving birth to this child. Where things

begin is where they should end.

sent her maid to ask if you'd like to come over and

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I close my fan and sadl

His body stiffens. At last crystal tears stream from his eyes. After a long while he

I nod my head. Now I have nothing to do with the Demon race anymore. I leave him one

When I walk out from the cloud

I force myself to smile to him.

There are only several tigers nodding away in sleep.

t to see

Yuanzheng when you went to the mortal realm. You should be knowledgeable, then. It's

been many years since Laojun has met a rival. It must be lonely for him to be so peerless.

Behind the South Gate is a vast white color. Beyond it an entirely different scenery

comes into view. Gold for floorings, jade for steps, auspicious light circling around. This

can only be better if compared to the Water Palaces of the four seas. Luckily I was wise

enough to wear my eye ribbon before going. My sickly eyes might be gone by now

otherwise. At this time singing cranes fly over our head. I sigh emotionally and hold

The two of us start walking leisurely.

I take the time to look around me. The brilliance of Jiuchongtian is completely opposite

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and only pay respect to Yehua. It makes me thoroughly happy.

I heard that Yehua moved out on his own when he was 30,000 years old. Tianjun gave

still be a little brighter, a little livelier.

He stands before the

He furrows his brows slightly and takes me by my waist, jumps over the wall and softly

lands on the ground inside.

in Heaven scale walls instead of using the main gate?

A thought

if we run into him. Haha, at the mention of which, we got back late last night too. Have

His whole body stiffens. His face turns red as he quietly coughs.

more proper than that other immortal Donghua. It makes me happy today to see him

looking abashed like a young lad.

Yehua stays at Zishen Palace, next to Qingyun Palace.

Qingyun Palace when he leads me to my own estate.

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her next lifetime to clear this debt. He

that were to happen.

After Susu unfairly lost her eyes, he went to Shenxiao Mansion on the 33

level of

Heaven to receive his lightning bolt punishment. Everyday he was struck with 49 bolts.

The day Susu gave birth to their child was no exception. The marks weaved heavily on

his body. Afraid Susu would find out, he didn't dare stay the nights with her at Yilan


To bring Susu back to Mount Junji was now a far gone dream. There was no way to erase

her pain. He decided to keep her close to him for the rest of their lives. He didn't know

that was also a futile wish. There was nothing he could do at that point to achieve

happiness with her, the one person he loved. He was only her love trial. If it wasn't him,

it'd be somebody else. He knew nothing of the cruelty of Fate.

When Susu threw herself down Zhuxian Tai, he also jumped after her. Normally,

punishment, it was like seeking death. Tianjun thought he would only feel sad over

woman this much. When he hastened from Lengxiao Palace to Zhuxian Tai to save him,

he was already on the brink of death. In just seconds the majestic Tianjun aged decidedly


his cut into him constantly, Susu was still the only color in his 50,000 years of existence.

If he loses even this one trace of color, he wouldn't be who is was anymore. Thus despite

the pain, he couldn't let her go.

Qingming sword flew straight at her chest, Sujin in her red bridal dress faintly asked in

turned back into the palace, and tightly locked the main gate to Sawu Gong.

s got everything she

wanted in all 70,000 years. Only he had made her fail time and time again. In front of

months later she successfully entered Sawu Palace.

In a blink of the eye three hundred years quickly went by.

to fruition.

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Donghai Shuijun

wife. Her right hand was holding a fan. The thumb and second finger of her left hand

come together to form a circle; the other three fingers gently tap on the table. That was

the exact motion Susu used to do unconsciously. That mouth of hers she was using to

Something clicked in his head. He instantly walked out from behind the coral. His mouth

believe it. So you’re

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