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Table of Contents
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1. The Importance of Brokenness
	The Inward Man and the Outward Man
	The Alabaster Box Must Be Broken
	The Timing in Our Brokenness
	The Meaning of the Cross
	Two Reasons for Not Being Broken
	Expect to See Wounds
2. Before and After Brokenness
	Some Practical Problems
	Launching Out and Retreating
	Dividing the Outward from the Inward
3. Recognizing "The Thing In Hand"
	The Limited Strength of the Outward Man
	The Spirit's Use of a Broken Outward Man
	A Broken Person Not Taught
	One Law Unaffected By Prayer
4. How To Know Man
	We Ourselves His Instrumentalities
	Our Key Perception for Knowing Man
	Our Own Preparation for Knowing Man
	Learning How To Practice It
5. The Church and God's Work
	God's Manifestation and God's Restriction
	Breaking - God's Way of Working
6. Brokenness and Discipline
	Consecration Basic to Brokenness
	The Greatest Means of Grace
	Dealings of Various Kinds
	The Cross in Operation
7. Dividing and Revelation
	The Necessity of both a Broken and Divided Work
	How Does the Living Word Divide
	What Is a Revelation?
8. What Impression Do We Give?
	The Amazing Work of Slaying through Enlightenment
	Discipline Compared with Revelation
9. Meekness And Brokenness
	Considering the Qualities of Meekness
		1 - Easily Approachable
		2 - Highly Sensitive
		3 - Mutually Corporate
		4 - Spiritually Receptive
10. Two Very Different Ways
	Fellowship of the Believers' Spirits
	A Meekness Beyond Imitation
	Two Related Questions
	A Final Exhortation
	"We should, we must, we can, we will, Fulfill God's purpose faithfully."
Study Guide for The Release of the Spirit
	Chapter 1: The Importance of Brokenness
	Chapter 2: Before and After Brokenness
	Chapter 3: Recognizing "The Thing In Hand"
	Chapter 4: How to Know Man
	Chapter 5: The Church and God's Work
	Chapter 6: Brokenness and Discipline
	Chapter 7: Dividing and Revelation
	Chapter 8: What Impression Do We Give
	Chapter 9: Meekness in Brokenness
	Chapter 10: Two Very Different Ways

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