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                            The Real Sexy, Smart and Strong
	Introduction: It Begins with Your Body
	Part I: You Really Can Be Sexy, Smart, and Strong
		1. Live Longer
		2. Turn on Those Endorphins
		3. Come On, Baby, Light My Fire
		4. Your Body’s Biggest Organ
		5. Stand Tall
		6. Get Smarter
		7. Burn Off Your Burnout
		8. A Natural Treatment for Depression
		9. Keep Your Brain on Exercise
		10. Heart Health
	Part II: Exercise, Take the First Step
		11. The Stages of Exercise: What to Expect
		12. No Matter What Your Body Type
		13. Who’s Looking?
		14. Making “Scents” of How You Attract
		15. You’ve Been Working Out, Haven’t You?
		16. Too Busy to Exercise?
		17. It’s Never Too Late
		18. Go for the Laughs
	Part III: 30 Minutes to the Real Sexy, Smart, and Strong
		19. Let’s Chat about Cardio
		20. How Does Strength Training Work?
		21. How Cardio and Strength Training Work Together
		22. Workout Essentials: Warming Up, Stretching, and Cooling Down
		23. No Pain, No Gain Is False
		24. Get Others Involved
		25. Family Fitness
		26. Exercise Is Year-Round
		27. When You Travel
		28. Exercising with Chronic Pain
		29. Oh, My Aching Back
		30. What’s the Best Exercise Experience You’ve Ever Had?
	Conclusion: Now That You’ve Got the Big Picture, Here’s a Bigger One
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Page 101

T H E R E A L S E X Y , S M A R T , A N D S T R O N G | 8 7


How often have you focused on one of your so-called

flaws only to have someone compliment you on that very

thing? Let’s say you’ve got really curly hair, but you’ve

always wished you had straight hair. Then you meet some­

one who says, “I just love your curly hair!” Perhaps you’re

in a group fitness class and you don’t think you’ve got

the rhythm quite right, and the person next to you says,

“You’re so good at that! Can I stand next to you in the

next class too?”

Take a moment to ask yourself what you get compliment­

ed on. When I present a seminar or workshop at fitness

organizations around the world, I ask people to get into

small groups and talk about what they admire about one

another. People often gain new insights into themselves.

Sometimes people say, “I didn’t think that I had that great

a laugh, but she seems to really appreciate it.” Or “I’ve al­

ways seen myself as shy and reserved, but someone in the

group just told me that I seem thoughtful and reflective.”

It’s impossible to predict exactly what about us draws

other people in, so there’s no point worrying about it!

The next time you want to compliment someone, don’t

keep it to yourself. Say it to them!

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1 8 8 | D A V I D P A T C H E L L - E V A N S

To Megan Cameron, GoodLife’s Director of Public

Relations, my deepest gratitude and appreciation for all

the wonderful things you do to assist me in communicat-

ing with the public. Your commitment to this book has

played a huge role in helping it reach many thousands of


To Sharon Lindenburger, my “scribe,” who as a skilled

journalist and writer so deftly rendered my words and

thoughts onto the printed page.

To my agent, Cathy Hemming, who so strongly believed

in this project and brought me to an excellent publisher.

To my publisher, John Wiley and Sons: it has been a tre-

mendous experience working with you. Leah Fairbank is

a wonderfully sensitive and af
rming editor who made it

easy to create a book I am proud of. Thanks also to editor

Abigail Rasminsky for asking us some hard questions and

requesting clari
cations that resulted in us honing the fo-

cus of the book to directly speak to where readers are at.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge you, the reader. It gives

me great pleasure that you have picked up this book. No

matter where you are in your life right now, it is my hope

that the suggestions and encouragement you
nd here

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T H E R E A L S E X Y , S M A R T , A N D S T R O N G | 1 8 9

will inspire you to know that you can be sexy, smart, and

strong, whether you’re 18 or 80!

David Patchell-Evans (“Patch”)

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