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86 Postflop: Time to Play Poker

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Floating is when you call a bet with a hand that is rarely ahead with the intention of taking

down the pot on a later street. It’s a profitable weapon because it’s a great way to

counter players who c-bet too much (75 percent or more on the flop) and players who

play straightforwardly on the turn.

Being able to float well also puts a ton of pressure on your opponents because it forces

them to check-fold the flop more than they would like, or it makes the turn tougher for

them to play. You will also take down more pots.

What factors should you consider before you float?

1. If your opponent 2-barrels too often, you shouldn’t float the flop because you will

have to fold the turn too often.

2. If your opponent plays straightforwardly on the turn and telegraphs the strength

of his range either by checking or betting. Some players check whenever they

don’t have a hand on the turn and bet whenever they do. These are your primary


3. It is credible for you to represent a hand on the turn or river. A quick example.

The flop is

and you float the flop with

If the turn is a spade and your opponent checks, you can easily represent

a flush by betting.

4. Make sure that when you float, you have some equity in the pot and have some

backdoor draws so you can continue on the turn. Take the hand from our

previous example. Although you only have a gutshot on the flop wit 78 clubs, you

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