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	The Invocation of Solomon, Part 1
	Kabbalah and Numbers
	Kabbalah and the Physical Body
	The Two Pillars
	The Twin Souls and the Spirit
	Binah, Understanding
	Chokmah, Wisdom
	Kether, the Crown
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you see Sol and Moon, Solomon on top of the two columns. In order to activate Solomon or
the Sol-Moon, the two columns of IO, Binah, thus, we have to really activate, not only the
two columns, but the central column. Because in the central column is the equilibrium of
Daath, knowledge. This is why the holy name of Tiphereth, in the heart, the abode of the
human soul - as you can see here in the world of Atziluth - is Eloah Va Daath Iod-Hei-Vav-
Hei. Eloah means “goddess” in the heart, and Daath means “knowledge” of God, Iod-Hei-
Vav-Hei, which is Iod-Havah, the two polarities related to Tiphereth. The mantra IAO
unites the central column with the two columns. IAO is the holy name, the holy mantra in

Audience: How do you define Chastity?

Instructor: Chastity is the outcome of sexual transmutation. What people call Chastity in
this day and age is sexual abstinence. They think that to be chaste is to avoid sex, is to be
celibate, not to do anything sexually. Yet, alchemically speaking, Chastity means to
transmute, to transform your sexual matter (sperm/semen) into energy, and to sublimate that
energy to your brain through your spinal column, through Ida and Pingala, and also through
Sushumna, the central column, the column of equilibrium. That is Chastity. Obviously,
when you are transmuting your sexual energy, you are putting into activity the other forces
which are inside of you, because you are working from the very bottom, with the very
foundation, which is sex. If you are discharging the sexual energy, misusing it, as
everybody does in this day in age, you then are not chaste. So a chaste person knows how
to retain it and transmute it. For this, you have to use willpower.

If you are single, you have to learn the science of the breath, called Pranayama. Those who
are single have to learn how to channel those forces within themselves by knowing how to
concentrate on their nostrils, the breathing, and to sublimate that energy through your two
nadis, Pingala and Ida, in your spinal column.

If you are married, you have to do exactly the same thing, but in the sexual act, which is
more difficult, because it is easy to sit down to concentrate and do your Pranayama and to
pray to your Divine Mother for that energy to rise and to be transmuted. When you are
sexually connected, you do exactly the same thing, yet, in the sexual act you have to deal
with the energy of your partner, thus, you have to ask your partner for help; thus in order to
do sexual Alchemy you must help each other, etc. because each sexual organ is in activity.
There is an erection in the man, there is humidity in the woman, and the fire is millions of
times stronger than that of the Pranayama.

Thus, to sublimate the sexual force is what is called Chastity. This is also call Sexual Magic
between husband and wife, no Adultery. We have to follow the rules of Alchemy, which
are the ten commandments.

Audience: The Pater Noster in relation to the chakras?

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Instructor: If you want to learn more about the seven chakras, or the seven churches, read
the Book of Revelation. The very beginning explains Kabbalistically and alchemically how
to activate those chakras, in the same way that we are explaining here but with other
language. The seven churches that are in Assiah, the physical body, to activate them is
through the practice of Chastity, this is the way that we also explained. So if you have the
book “The Perfect Matrimony” by Samael Aun Weor, you can learn how to perform Sexual
Magic as husband and wife. “The Yellow book” teaches singles how to transmute their
sexual energy; that is the way to positively activate the chakras, the seven churches that are
in Assiah. These relate to the seven senses that the soul develops when you start doing
Chastity. You then begin to develop telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, polyvoyance,
remembering of past lives, astral projections, and many other faculties that are indeed
normal senses of any developed soul. When you are not a developed soul, you read on the
internet and say, “Oh, astral projection, I would like to experience that.” But for the
developed soul, astral projection is normal. So, Chastity is the way to develop all of the
powers of our Father who is in heaven.

Audience: What do you mean by matrimony?

Instructor: Matrimony is the sexual relation of a man and a woman, husband and wife; this
refers to those couples that are legally married under the law of God, which is Chastity.
God is the creative sexual force, so once you perform the sexual act, you are united by the
creative force of the Holy Spirit. If you like to legalize your union in social life, under any
religion, in order to satisfy your parents or relatives, you can do it in any temple. The true
marriage happens when the man enters the woman.

“This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called woman, because
she was taken out of man. Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall
cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and
his wife, and were not ashamed.” – Genesis 2: 23-25

Thus, from that very first sexual act between them, such a union endures for eternity, even
if they are not legally married under the law of men. Therefore, what God has joined
together let no man’s law put asunder.

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