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Colon cancer is a major killer in the United States. In

1991, 112,000 new cases were diagnosed and 53,000 persons

died of the disease. Only about half of people diagnosed with

the disease survive for five years. Some researchers estimate

that up to 90 percent of colon cancer in the United States

may be avoidable through dietary modification. Previous

research had indicated that fruits and vegetables may be the

most protective elements against colon cancer.

The Iowa women's study provided stronger scientific

evidence than previous epidemiological studies. It was a

prospective study, stronger than the retrospective studies in

China and Italy. In a retrospective study, researchers find a

group of people who already have cancer, match them by

age, sex, and other factors to a group that does not have can-

cer, and then ask both groups about their diet. The weakness

of this approach is that it relies on the memory of the partici-

pants about what they ate in the past, leaving the results

open to error. A prospective study like the one in Iowa takes

a group of healthy individuals and asks them about their diet

initially and periodically afterwards, and then watches to see

what diseases develop. Poor memory is less of a problem,

because people are asked about what they are presently eat-

ing rather than what they ate in the past. In this study, a

group of 41,837 women aged 55 to 69 years was selected ran-

domly in Iowa. They returned questionnaires about their

diet in 1986.

The survey questioned such things as exercise, diet,

smoking, family history, and demographic information.

Participants were asked to report their consumption over

the previous year of 127 food items, including twenty-nine

vegetables and fifteen fruits. The group was then followed

to see which participants developed colon cancer. The diets

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of these people were compared with people who did not

get cancer.

Of the fruits and vegetables consumed, none stood out

as cancer-preventive except garlic. Only total intake of gar-

lic, total intake of vegetables as a group, and intake of total

dietary fiber correlated with prevention against cancer. This

study, because of its better design, offers much more con-

vincing evidence of garlic's protective effects against cancer

than the previous trials. This study in humans is also much

more relevant than previous animal studies, because it uses

garlic in food quantities in human beings rather than injected

substances in animals. The good news is also that garlic can

prevent colon cancer, one of our major killers, and not just

gastric cancer, which is not a major concern in the United

States. Researchers noted that liberal use of garlic was previ-

ously associated with a decreased incidence of colon cancer

in Japanese Hawaiians.


In the stages of most cancer development, first the genetic

machinery of a single cell somehow goes awry. This key step

may be caused by chemicals, including pollutants or even

chemicals in a normal diet, by radiation, including normal

radiation from sunlight, by some viruses, or by other

unknown factors. This stage, called initiation, is the target of
preventive measures against cancer. Once a cell has become

malignant, it may then grow and reproduce to form a tumor.

This promotion stage is the target of therapies against already
existing cancer. A single tumor may stabilize and stop grow-

ing through its own natural cycle, but almost immediately

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Healing traditions have recognized garlic as a natural "wonder drug"

for thousands of years. Now medical research indicates garlic may

prevent and even reverse high blood pressure, heart disease, and

cancer, as well as a host of other serious health problems. In fact, a

recent head-to-head comparison proved garlic just as effective as

the leading cholesterol-reducing drug in lowering cholesterol levels.

This comprehensive handbook describes exactly how to use garlic

as a versatile, powerful, and effe~tive medicine for a tremendous

variety of common illnesses. The simple treatments described in this

book can help you:

" Prevent cancer

·" · Lower your cholesterol level

-~ · Reverse high blood pressure

-~- Boost your immune system

-~ · Overcome fatigue

-~ · Resist colds and flus

-" - Prepare healing garlic oil, ear drops, poultices, syrups,

ointments. and other garlic treatments

·1 · PAUL BERGNER is editor of Medical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition

Update, and a faculty member at the Rocky Mountain Center for . .
. .


Botanical Studies in Boulder, Colorado.

Prima Publishing
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