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TitleThe Constitutions of the Clerics Regular of St. Paul - Barnabites
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"It's a very good thing to have our
Superiors' orders and commands in writing.
But this is of little avail if these orders are
not written in our hearts as well".

(Holy Founder)182

314. The present Constitutions delineate to the confreres the commitments arising from their

consecration to God in community life and in apostolic activity, according to the charism of
the Congregation. They do not replace, but presuppose and better specify the common
rules of human and Christian conduct and the norms of the Church; they do not mean to
"weigh down, but to lighten and to lead above the law, not by force, but by love"183. In
requiring each confrere to observe them, in virtue of the obligation assumed by the
religious profession, the Congregation recognizes in the mystery of Christ the inspiring
motive of its own laws, and in love, "fruit of the Spirit"184 the supreme norm of its own
existence, life, and work.

182 Letter VII.
183 Holy Founder, Const. XVII.
 Gal 5:22

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