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The 8-Extraordinary Vessels
(Qi Jing Bai Mai)

Jeffrey Yuen’s class
Winter/Spring 2004

Transcribed by
Nicholas V. Isabella III

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These notes were taken during a series of lectures in a class on the 8-Extra Vessels

taught by Jeffrey Yuen at the Swedish Institute, January through March 2004.

The concepts presented are his; I have rephrased them for ease of flow in reading.

© 2004, Nicholas V. Isabella III

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Ren Mai

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Du Mai
Vessel of Individuality

I) Du Mai and its Influence on Development

1) The development of Du Mai is about identifying with and exploring the outside world –

moving away from the maternal matrix
– It has to do with the quest to understand oneself beyond the boundaries of the

definitions created by country, friends, family and gender
– Whereas Ren Mai allows a person to have healthy relationships, Du Mai allows

them to become independent individuals
– At the same time there is this drive to become independent, there’s a longing for

union, a longing for a home – a sense of belonging… a loving and supporting life

2) Du Mai mediates a person’s exploration of the world… their curiosity and drive to learn

about what lies outside themselves

a) In this there is risk-taking, defensive and offensive actions, which results in Wei-

defensive-Qi becoming better oriented
– In this, a person’s innocence is lost; they discover that not only can they manipulate

the outside world, but that there are others who can do just the same, and that each
is responsible for their own manipulations/actions

b) A person’s “conquest” of the world – which is their drive to learn all they can about it –

is a manifestation of Fire moving outward from the Interior
– This Yang energy is represented by SI-3, the shu-stream and Wood point of Arm

Tai Yang, and the opening point for Du Mai
– This Yang/Fire energy amplifies a person’s life and makes them strive for meaning

and purpose
– It urges a person to fulfill their “curriculum” in life – their Fate – on a day-to-

day basis via pro-active choices and manipulating their Destiny
– Energetically this is represented by the communication between the Heart and

Kidneys via San Jiao

c) A child first learns he can manipulate the world through control of his anus
– Anal sphincter contractions represent how people psychologically feel about “letting

something go”… relinquishing control
– Those who are overly controlling and up-tight are often called “tight-asses”

– The points associated with this are Du-1, Ren-1 and Bl-35

3) Du Mai allows for the realization of one’s needs, and demands that others recognize these
needs as well – yet with the realization that these needs can’t always be satisfied
– If parents tell their kids “NO” too often, a tight back often results as a body holding

pattern for the child
– If the parents say “YES” to their kid’s demands too often, flaccidity will result

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5) TCM uses Dai Mai to:
– Harmonize the Liver such as in cases where stagnant Liver-Qi invades Spleen and/or

Stomach (Lr-13)
– Damp-Heat in the Lower Jiao
– Regulate menstruation
– Hip pain or low back pain

V) A Dai Mai Treatment

1) To Resolve Dampness in the Lower Jiao, use:

– GB-41
– Lr-13
– GB-26
– GB-27 (for Damp-Heat)
– GB-28 (for Damp-Cold)
– Lr-2 or Lr-3 (for lower leg issues like numbness, cold or edema)
– Bl-60 (for Damp issues like edema above the waistline)

2) To Drain Da Bao, for when emotional holdings are causing tightness or stuffiness in the

chest, use:
– GB-41 (Dai Mai)
– Sp-21 (Da Bao)
– Ren-1 or Ren-15
– Du-1 or Du-9

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Dai Mai


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