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Table of Contents
	Who should read this publication
	Product documentation formats
		Tivoli Storage Manager publications
	Support information
		Getting technical training
		Searching knowledge bases
			Searching the Internet
			Using IBM Support Assistant
			Finding product fixes
			Receiving notification of product fixes
		Contacting IBM Software Support
			Setting up a subscription and support contract
			Determining the business impact
			Describing the problem and gather background information
			Submitting the problem to IBM Software Support
	What to do when you encounter a problem
		Determining if the problem resides on Tivoli Storage Manager or Exchange
		Installation Problems: Creating an installation-log file
	Reading syntax diagrams
New for Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server Version 6.1.2
Chapter 1. Data Protection for Exchange overview
	Data Protection for Exchange product features
	Exchange Server 2010: Features overview
	Legacy backup processing: Overview
		VSS Backup processing: Overview
			VSS Service
		Backup types
		Backup methods
			Legacy Backup
			VSS Backup
			Offloaded Backup
			Continuous replication backups
	Restore processing: Overview
		Restore methods
			Legacy Restore
			VSS Restore
			VSS Fast Restore
			VSS Instant Restore
			Restoring VSS Backups into alternate locations
	Backup strategies
		Full backups only
		Full backup plus incremental backups
		Full backup plus differentials
		Using VSS and Legacy Backups together (Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2007)
		Using VSS operations in a cluster
	How Tivoli Storage Manager server policy affects Data Protection for Exchange
	SAN Volume Controller 5.1 FlashCopy support
		Use of Data Protection for Exchange with SAN Volume Controller
		Data Protection for Exchange and SAN Volume Controller configurations
		Using space-efficient target volumes with SAN Volume Controller 5.1
		Additional considerations when using SAN Volume Controller
	Data Protection for Exchange performance overview
		Buffering (Legacy only)
		LAN-free data movement
	Microsoft Cluster Server and Veritas Cluster Server Support
Chapter 2. Installing Data Protection for Microsoft Exchange Server 6.1.2
	Software and operating system requirements
	Hardware requirements
	Installing Data Protection for Exchange
		Installing Tivoli Storage Manager for Copy Services
		Installing and activating the language packs
			Installing the language packs
			Activating the language packs
		Silent installation
			Installing with the setup program (setup.exe)
			Installing with MSI (msiexec.exe)
			Installation problems: capturing a log of the installation
			Creating the package on a cd or a file server
			Playing back the silent installation
			Setup error messages
Chapter 3. Configuring Data Protection for Exchange
	Part I: Configuration overview
		Back up to Tivoli Storage Manager storage versus back up to local shadow volumes
			VSS operations in DS and SAN Volume Controller environments
			VSS operations in IBM N-series and NetApp environments
		Recommended Tivoli Storage Manager policy settings
			Policy sets
			Management class
			Copy group
			Storage pool
		Data Protection for Exchange node name: Recommended settings
		Proxy node definitions (VSS Backups)
			Required node names for basic VSS operations
			Required node names for VSS offloaded backups
		Specifying Data Protection for Exchange options
		Specifying Data Protection for Exchange preferences
	Part II: Configuration procedure
		1. Perform these tasks on the Tivoli Storage Manager server
		2. Perform these tasks on the machine running the Exchange Server
		3. Perform these tasks on the machine running the offloaded backups
		4. Perform these tasks to configure your system for mailbox-level and item-level restore operations
		5. Perform these tasks to verify your configuration
Chapter 4. Graphical user interface functions
	Menu bar
		Edit menu
		View menu
		Utilities menu
		Help menu
	GUI invocation
	Backup and Restore windows
	GUI tasks
		How to perform a Legacy backup
		How to perform a VSS Backup
		How to perform a VSS offloaded backup
		Restoring Exchange data
			VSS restore considerations
		Restoring individual mailbox and mailbox item-level data
		Restoring the Site Replication Service
		Restore options
	GUI operations in an MSCS or VCS environment
Chapter 5. Using the command-line interface
	Command overview
	Policy commands for Data Protection for Exchange
	Query Exchange command
		Query Exchange syntax
		Query Exchange optional parameters
		Query Exchange Example 1
		Query Exchange Example 2
		Query Exchange Example 3
	Query Managedcapacity command
	Query TDP command
		Query TDP syntax
		Query TDP optional parameters
		Query TDP Example
	Query TSM command
		Query TSM syntax
		Query TSM positional parameters
		Query TSM optional parameters
		Query TSM Example 1
		Query TSM Example 2
		Query TSM Example 3
	Backup command
		Backup syntax
		Backup positional parameters
		Backup optional parameters
		Backup Example 1
		Backup Example 2
		Backup Example 3
		Backup Example 4
		Backup Example 5
		Backup Example 6
	Restore command
		VSS restore considerations
		Restore syntax
		Restore positional parameters
		Restore optional parameters
		Restore Example 1
		Restore Example 2
		Restore Example 3
		Restore Example 4
		Restore Example 5
	Restorefiles command
		Restorefiles syntax
		Restorefiles positional parameters
		Restorefiles optional parameters
		Restorefiles Example 1
		Restorefiles Example 2
		Restorefiles Example 3
	Restoremailbox command
		Restoremailbox syntax
		Restoremailbox positional parameters
		Restoremailbox optional parameters
		Restoremailbox Example 1
		Restoremailbox Example 2
		Restoremailbox Example 3
		Restoremailbox Example 4
	Delete Backup command
		Delete Backup syntax
		Delete Backup positional parameters
		Delete Backup optional parameters
		Delete Backup Example
	Changetsmpassword command
		Changetsmpassword syntax
		Changetsmpassword positional parameters
		Changetsmpassword optional parameters
		Changetsmpassword Example
	Set command
		Set syntax
		Set positional parameters
		Set optional parameters
		Set Example
	Help command
		Help syntax
		Help optional parameters
		Help Example 1
		Help Example 2
Chapter 6. Using the Tivoli Storage Manager scheduler
	Example scheduler procedure
		Complete these tasks on the Tivoli Storage Manager server
		Complete these tasks on the Exchange Server
	Scheduler considerations
Appendix A. Quick configuration (Legacy)
Appendix B. Frequently asked questions
Appendix C. Advanced restore procedures
	Complete restore or replacement
	Individual mailbox recovery
		Restoring a deleted mailbox or items from a deleted mailbox
	Restoring the Recovery Storage Group and the Recovery Database
		Requirements for using the Recovery Storage Group or Recovery Database
		Restoring data to a Recovery Storage Group or Recovery Database
	Restoring a Continuous Cluster Replication database copy on Exchange Server 2007
	Restoring a Database Availability Group database copy
	Restoring backups to an alternate server
Appendix D. Transitioning Exchange Server backups from Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager to Tivoli Storage Manager
	Complete these tasks on the Tivoli Storage Manager server
	Complete these tasks on the workstation running the Exchange Server
Appendix E. Data Protection for Exchange messages reference
	Data Protection for Exchange messages changes
		New Data Protection for Exchange messages
		Changed Data Protection for Exchange messages
		Deleted Data Protection for Exchange messages
	Data Protection for Exchange messages (ACN0000–ACN9999)
Appendix F. Accessibility features for Tivoli Storage Manager

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