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A 10 year 8.0% bond (Face Value- Rs.1000, interest payable semi-annually) maturing 6

years from today is available at a yield to maturity of 6.0%. It is likely to be priced at

Choose one answer.

a. Rs. 1100

b. Rs. 1149

c. Rs. 1168

d. Rs. 1498

Question 74

Marks: 4
Mrs. Shanti, aged 40 years, is a small retail trader. She has a net business income of Rs.

2,50,000 during the FY: 2010-11 and stays in a self occupied house acquired on 25 Jan

1999. She pays Rs. 35,000 as interest on a housing loan. She also pays Rs. 5,000 towards

Prime Ministers. National Relief Fund and Rs. 5,000 towards National Children's Fund during

the year. She also deposits Rs. 15,000 in PPF during the year. Find her tax liability for FY:

Choose one answer.

a. Rs.1545

b. Rs.1030

c. Rs. 772.5

d. None of the above.

Question 75

Marks: 4
Nirav, aged 30, wants to retire at 45. He wants to maintain his present living standard. He

spends Rs. 3,25,000 a year. He is expected to live upto 85. Inflation is to be assumed at

4% p.a and expected returns are 7% p.a. What is the nest egg required by Nirav at his age

45 and what amount should he save every year end to meet his plan? His present

investments are Rs. 10,00,000.
Choose one answer.

a. Nest egg and savings required will be Rs. 1,41,82,828 and Rs. 4,54,606 respectively.

b. Nest egg and savings required will be Rs. 1,47,73,065 and Rs. 7,40,530 respectively.

c. Nest egg and savings required will be Rs. 1,27,73,065 and Rs. 4,38,300 respectively.

d. Nest egg and savings required will be Rs. 2,51,00,065 and Rs. 5, 41,093 respectively.

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