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In Praise of Tara
Songs to the Saviouress

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244 Songs by Indian Devotees

11 Sole Mother producing the Buddhas of the three

Through samiidhi applying united intuitive

Of th' sphere of non-dual appearance16 and Void
to its object,

The Mode of Existence, You generate blissful

12 Saviouress! ferrying over the river of suff'ring
The five lines, 17 who wander in agony of

In hard-to-cross floods of birth, aging, sickness

and death
With Your boat of Bodhicitta and Compassion!

I} Leader! Who guides to Liberation's city
The caravan of migrators on sa~siira's roads, \
Bereft of the wealth of uncontaminate Bliss, )
By the land of gold and jewels of Omniscience!

14 Doctor! removing the pain of suffering from
The patients gripped by that chronic disease, the

three poisons,
In triple-realmed sa~siira' s house of sorrow,
With streams of healing nectar of True Dharma!

15 Jewel! fulfilling hopes, desires and needs
Of greedy beings tormented with desire,
A storehouse of riches, the Aryas' seven

And uncontaminate virtues at disciples' will!

16 Bearer of Knowledge! 18 of no change or decay
In the three times, perceiving there's no birth or

passing away
In the sudden untimely death of beings by

Weapons or famine in this degenerate eon!

17 Heroine! victorious over sa~siira;
Wearing the armour of Patience, with Wisdom's


Suryagupta 245
You overcome the troops of perverse defilements
In those overpowered by the faults in their own


18 Turner of the wheel of healthy Dharma!
Uninterruptedly satisfying migrators,
Thirsty because of the faults of Becoming in all
Migrations, with water of nectar of


19 Sun!19 that shines on everyone, high orlowly!
The light of Your splendour outshines the

seven20 planets;
The rays of Your knowledge open the lotus of


Your light of Compassion dries up the stream of

20 Full Moon! pleasant since bearing the hare of

With full-moon face 'midst constellations of

Free ofba"d planets, You c1earobscurations' poor

Your rays of Morality cool for those scorched by

21 Lotus! Your stem of mind grown in the pool of

You're unstained bymud of agitation and fading.
Your petals of Heat-signs23 and stamens of bliss

have developed.
Open, Your sweet scent satisfies swarms of


22 Fearless One!25 since You outshine the

Perfect in skill by Your power in snow
mountains of Purity,

Conqu'ring with reasoning's teeth and daws26
tlrthika beasts,

Frightening the sriivaka fox-pack with roar of

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246 Songs by Indian Devotees Siiryagupta 247

23 Very finn one!27 ent'ring the sea of conviction, 29 Liberator! You free from the bondage of suff'ring
Perfect in Bodhi's strength in the garden ofjoy, The prisoner mind in the prison of the five heaps,
An elephant drunk by the power of the wine of Bound in the chains of defilements that grasp a

samiidhi, self,
Conquering recklessness with the sword of With the key of realizing Emptiness-

mindfulness! deliverance.34

24 Thoroughbred! perfect in wisdom and vow, You 30 Great-voiced One! proclaiming for clear
take understanding

The wanderers in the desert of san:zsiira With thunder of Dhanna and lightning ofJoyous
On Mahiiyiina's swift mount over the way Effort
Of Mahiiyiina, on feet of psychic power.28 To those weighed down by sleep and idle

Peahen !29 producing wonderful beauty,

25 In the darkness of sin, in the lair(?)35 of signs.

Though You eat the poison of the defilements, of 31 Amrta! healing without birth or cessation
lovely With nectar of Bodhi, deathless and ageless,

Colour, unstained by faults and hosts of defects; View's life,
You see undisturbed profound True Nature's Dead in th' extremes of pennanence and

splendour. destruction

26 Kalavinkii! with sweet Brahmic voice!
In the cemetery of Personality's filthy heaps!36

Flapping wings of View cut Emptiness30 like the 32 Guarding Life-giver! sentinel of alertness
sky, In case the watchman of mindfulness breaks

You have no fear of the cliff of the realms of woe; instructions
Bill and claw of practice subdue niiga-kings of When foes of misdeeds all rob the wealth of

conceptions.31 virtues

Lamp! removing the darkness of ignorance-
In merit's stockade oflaziness and distraction!

For the aim sought by those who've lost their 33 Life-giver healing the world! since when the

jewel minds sprouts
In dust-clouds of faults in the black dark of this Of virtue are scorched by the drought of perverse

eon view,
You make a lamp with the oil of Quietude and From Your cloud-mass of Love the downpour of

Insight. Compassion

28 Clear revealer ofbeauty!32 of th' Mode of
Soaks F ai th' s field and ripens the leaves of Bodhi.

Existence's nature- 34 Sole Friend in the three becomings! for when the
In the iilaya's mirror, free of the rust of imprints, life
The stains of conceptless obscurationscleared, Faculty ceases, and we are led by Yama,
Its stable image arises in [Your] clear mind. 33 Bereft of life and friends, and scream aloud

With roars of pain, You rescue us from fear.

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Martin Willson was born in England in 1946. After receiving
his Ph.D. in radioastronomy from the University of
Cambridge in 1971, he went to Australia and conducted
research in physics for several years, this time in the field of
climatology. Then, realising that scientific research would not
cure the world's most pressing problems, he left to explore
alternative ways of life. Soon he was living at Chenrezig
Institute, a Tibetan Buddhist centre in the Queensland bush,
where in 1977 he took ordination as a novice monk. He stud-
ied there for three years under Geshe Thubten Lodan and
Lama Zasep Tulku, and with their encouragement began to
translate texts that were needed for the teaching' programme.
He then returned to Europe and spent three years at Tharpa
Choeling, the late Geshe Rabten's centre for Western monks in
Switzerland (now Rabten Choeling), and two at Nalanda
Monastery in France.

After twelve years as a Buddhist monk, he is now married
and lives in Weymouth, England, where he continues to work
in Buddhist translation. His hobbies include walking, environ-
mental campaigning, and classical music.

His other works include The Essential Nectar with Geshe
Rabten's teachings; Rebirth and the Western Buddhist, an
examination of the evidence for rebirth; and translations of
numerous rites and prayers.

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