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Dear Sir/Madam,

Good day! I am currently pursuing my final year of study in my Masters in Computer

Engineering at Islamic Azad University in UAE Branch. As a part of the requirement of the

program, I have to conduct a research on the evaluation of Cloud Computing used in the

Enterprise. I will be grateful if you would spend few moments of your time to respond to

the questionnaire that would allow me to complete the program requirements. Please

answer the questions and be sure that all information is confidential and used for the

purpose of research only. Thank you in advance for participating in this study.

Part 1 – General Knowledge/Perception in Cloud Computing

*For IT Professionals and Users (Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Consumers)

Please answer the questions that follow by ticking only one answer in each question.

Q1. Do you know what “Cloud Computing” is?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

Q2. Do you know how it works?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

Q3. Is cloud computing beneficial for doing a business nowadays?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

Q4. Do you have idea about working of cloud computing?

[ ] Yes

[ ] No

Q5. Do you know how cloud deployment models establish?

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