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O early morning rising sun god! You are the very life force of all energies. You fill up that
light in this world wherein all creatures get conscious energy, good health and long life.

In the eulogy of sun god the Vedas chant:

‘Sa no bhudati tanve tra jugo sajan’

MEANING: O brothers and friends! Come and see this sun god rising as a ball of light in
the east. It wards of taints in our body and thus gives us good sound health.

Once, a very thin weak girl was brought for medical treatment. Her skin had stopped
functioning. Her entire body felt itchy and she had become very thin and skeleton like.
Despite being given nutritious food and tonics her blood level remained very less and blood
circulation in the body also was not proper. All her doctors were quite worried and they
wondered how to cure this girl’s problem?

Finally as per the advice of a naturopath this girl was exposed to a lot of sunlight. She was
not given solid food and hence her inner dirt got evicted. Sunlight on her body healthy
movements in her skin commenced. Since through her skin pores fresh air and sunlight
entered her body her body expressed increased zest and conscious energy. In a few days
itself she became most healthy in comparison to all her family members. Since that time all
her family members daily started sunbathing.

In sunlight the body attains health power in its natural state and this is a priceless gift from
Mother Nature. Those people who reside or work in such places where sunlight does not
reach definitely become weak in aura, listless and yellowish skinned. Vitamin D got from
sunshine helps a lot in healthy bodily growth. Hence during pregnancy itself the baby must
be exposed to as much sunlight as possible. It means that pregnant women must do work
under sunlight streaming down from the early morning golden rising sun. If there is no
chore to perform then they must sit under this sunlight just like that. Lest such women do
not sunbathe thus she shall find it difficult to walk, move, sit, rest etc.

For the proper growth of bones and teeth Vitamin D is essential. Mere eating food does not
meet the optimal bodily Vitamin D requirement. When Vitamin D levels decrease in a
child’s body it experiences cramps, pneumonia, TB etc. Bones in their body become bent
and legs/waist become weak. The bone joints become weak. Hence it is required that
definitely children must be exposed to gentle sunlight while playing, walking etc. Wise

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mothers make their children sit in gentle sunlight and massage their bodies with herbal oil.
Then she makes her children lie down under sunshine for as much as possible. Of course
she makes sure that this sunshine is gentle in intensity and that it does not burn the child’s
soft skin. Thus in a certain sense children get life force and Prana energy from the sun.

The fact that women get afflicted by the disease osteomalasia (bone related) symbolizes that
they have not exposed their body to optimal amounts of sunlight.

In sunlight if patients sit for at least 15 minutes minimum the inactive nature of the skin
ends and thus anemia ailments get cured. It is further said:

Anusuryabhudayatam hridyotoharma cha te.

MEANING: May your heart ailments and anemia get cured via the early rising morning
sun of orange hue!

Today doctors accept that there are certain microbes that do not die even in hot boiling
water. But these definitely get destroyed via sunlight exposure. Hence it goes without
saying that the sun protects our life and is our visible god.

Many classes of solar rays are but boons for world humanity. In their invisible rays
infrared ones give warmth to the body. These rays by piercing various coverings can enter
within. The heat got from sunlight is got from these infrared rays. The medical fraternity
makes use of these rays to cure certain special diseases and illnesses.

Similarly UV light is also used for healing certain diseases. These rays are the smallest and
reach planet earth in very less measure. Hence with the help of solar lamps they are used
for various medical therapies.

Solar rays protect the body from dirt. They possess some extraordinary energy wherein
with its aid they throw out dirt from the Apan or anus opening. Via perspiration too dirt of
the body is excreted in large measure. Hence after bathing in sunlight, definitely take a cold
water bath so that our skin pores and hair follicles get cleaned and fully opened.

Those who work mainly intellectually must while sunbathing or walking under sunshine
definitely cover their heads with a towel else the heat of the brain increases. Thus the rest
of the body definitely accrues benefits. It goes without saying that stay away from hot
sunlight like that at noon time. During times of studying in schools/colleges the time phase
of remaining under sunlight must be slowly increased.

By regularly sunbathing the pain of the disease is warded off. Brain diseases and angina
pain in the heart gets cured. Solar rays find diseases entering in the head that give
headaches, coughing and joint ache and shoos them away forever from the body. In TB

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CONSCIOUSNESS: A description has been given regarding the dire need of positive
transformation in a most required manner, the manifestation of divine cosmic
consciousness, the commencement of this transformation, the process of transformation of
various realms of human consciousness, the positively transformed human consciousness
etc. Human existence is a combined creation of Conscious Purusha (Almighty God) and
inert nature called Prakriti. Vedic Rishis believe that human existence by rendering its
inner and outer nature (environment) sanctified in a pollution free manner can highly
advance and uplift its consciousness. In contemporary modern times this nature of
mankind is very impure. As per Vedic standpoint any type of impurity entering this aspect
renders man anguished and unhappy. Hence for overcoming this sadness it is most
required that human consciousness is positively transformed and this gets good help from
manifestation of divine cosmic consciousness in human consciousness. When human
consciousness merges and becomes one with divine cosmic consciousness man reaches a
very extraordinary special state. In Yoga literature this state is called Jivanmukti
(liberated while yet alive), Sthitaprajna in Bhagwad Geeta scripture, Trigunatit etc. In
Buddhist Religion people having attained this stupendous state are called Tathagat. This is
said to be the utmost advanced state of consciousness.

RESEARCH STUDY: A description has been given regarding the gist of all the above
chapters along with all most required questions pertaining to human consciousness and apt
solutions to these also has been included. As per the opinion of Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram
Sharma Acharya the foremost and most important problem encompasses the fact that
world humanity is blissfully unaware of his own consciousness. The solution for this
problem involves deep and all round study of human consciousness. It must then be
conjoined to other branches of modern science as a result of which world public gets freed
from the shackles of delusion and blind beliefs. Thus the super advancement of world
society can be achieved with fair ease. The spiritual principle put forth by Yuga Rishi
Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya proven scientifically shall definitely showcase before the
world very optimal satisfactory solutions for problems discussed so far.


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