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Substation Communications:

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Communications : Why use it ?

Why would utilities/industry use communications to substation


 To get power system data into a remote SCADA / DCS system

 To set IEDs, aid commissioning and extract data for analysis (“local


 Remote control of plant

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Ethernet Standard - 30/05/2012 - P 11

Bus Network/MultidropToken Ring Network TopologyStar Network Topology

Transmission Definitions : Shared Access

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Network An interconnected group of nodes or

stations linked by communication channels

Node The interface point where one or more
functional units are connected

LAN Local area network (<5km)

WAN Wide area network

Network topology Pattern of nodes and their interconnection

Gateway Equipment which makes data from a

separate subnetwork available to primary


Network Terminology

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Recent Developments


 EPRI ( USA utilities ) project

 Not tied to any particular vendor

 Use of some existing standards (MMS protocol, Ethernet


IEC 61850

 Based on UCA 2 concepts

 International Standard issued 2004

 Edition 2 now partly issued

 Hundreds of substations commissioned

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…the ability of two or more IEDs or applications from the

same vendor, or from different vendors, to exchange

information and use that information for correct execution

of specified functions

…the goal of IEC 61850

Communications Interoperability is...

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