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Mang Inasal formally gave recognition to outstanding employees as well as top-
performing agents through the Mang Inasal Service Excellence Awards. These
efforts resulted in an impressive employee engagement score which showed a
marked improvement from 2012.

Strength: Helping farmer become entrepreneurs and directly supply fresh
produced to the company through the FEP.
FEP continued to enable smallholder farmers to become entrepreneurs and
directly supply fresh produce to institutional markets. In 2014, FEP assisted more
than 900 farmers from 27 farmer groups nationwide. Farmer clusters were
accredited as JFC suppliers for onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers, and
calamansi leading to increased incomes. Records show that farmers delivering to
JFC can earn up to five times more compared to markets.

Strength: Implementation of Golden Standard Training.
YHK comprehensively implemented Golden Standard Training across all stores
and conducted frequent audits in order to guarantee food safety procedures and
quality processes.

Strength: Strong franchise system.
The company reinforced its organizational strength through values integration and
enhancement workshops and business partners’ assemblies for increased franchise

At present, there are more than 900 Jollibee stores worldwide and more than half
of these are operated by franchisees. However, demand does not wane and
opportunities still abound in various markets both domestic and international.

Jollibee proves to have a strong leadership in the market. Such leadership is
proven by being the #1 Employer in the Philippines. In addition, awards such as,
being the only Philippine Company that made it to the top 20 of Asia’s Best
Employers list, ranking #16 in the survey made by Hewitt Associates, as cited in
the Far Eastern Economic Review and The Asia Wall Street Journal. They also
ranked 3rd among Asia’s Most Admired Companies in 2000 and were cited as #1
in Overall Leadership among Top Ten Philippine Companies. They were also
named the “Global Growth Company” by the World Economic Forum. Moreover,
they are recognized as The Most admired corporation in the Philippines by Asian
Wall Street Journal Review 200 for 7 consecutive years (1998-2004)

Strength: Observance and focus on Food, Service, Cleanliness and

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The company focused on FSC (Food, Service, Cleanliness and Conditions)
improvement in the stores, which resulted to growth of FSC-certified stores from
50 percent (2013) to 78 percent (2014) and Gold-Certified Stores, from 8 percent
to 25 percent. This commitment to quality has kept Mang Inasal a well-loved
brand, a commitment it continues to live up to year after year.

Strength: Proper implementation of strategies to achieve goals.
Overall plans on achieving the goal of the company are also effective as JFC was
among the Asia’s Fab 50 in Forbes List. According to PhilStar, the company is on
the list for the second time on the back of strong sales of about $2.04 billion in


Strength: Efficient manufacturing and distribution facilities.
Efficient manufacturing and distribution facilities located at Pasig City, Cebu city
and the central site in Laguna which is the biggest and most advanced in the
country and among Asia’s bests. These factories are operating 24/7 to support the

Strength: Modernization of equipment.
Installation three-tier picking tower equipped with pallet and carton live storage,
where non-perishable supplies, such as utensils and condiments, are stored for

Strength: Development of new systems.
New system that enables faster picking and deployment for the company that is
more responsive to the needs of its stores. The system also aided JFC’s plans to
consolidate multiple supply chains into one facility in a cost-effective way, laying
the groundwork for the company’s expansion plans.

Strength: Expansion and acquisition of commissary facilities.
The expansion and modernization of commissary facilities to address the need for
increased capacity and improvement in operating efficiency and production costs
in the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution infrastructure.

Jollibee operates a total of 20 commissaries worldwide: 13 in the Philippines,
three in China, three in the United States and one in Vietnam. It builds these

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