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TagsRegression Analysis Autocorrelation Bootstrapping (Statistics) Spatial Analysis Resampling (Statistics)
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Chapter 1: Working with Spatial Data
Chapter 2: R Programming Environment
Chapter 3: Statistical Properties of Spatially Autocorrelated Data
Chapter 4: Measures of Spatial Autocorrelation
Chapter 5: Sampling and Data Collection
Chapter 6: Preparing Spatial Data for Analysis
Chapter 7: Preliminary Exploration of Spatial Data
Chapter 8: Multivariate Methods for Spatial Data Exploration
Chapter 9: Spatial Data Exploration via Multiple Regression
Chapter 10: Variance Estimation, the Effective Sample Size, and the Bootstrap
Chapter 11: Measures of Bivariate Association between Two Spatial Variables
Chapter 12: Mixed Model
Chapter 13: Regression Models for Spatially Autocorrelated Data
Chapter 14: Bayesian Analysis of Spatially Autocorrelated Data
Chapter 15: Analysis of Spatiotemporal Data
Chapter 16: Analysis of Data from Controlled Experiments
Chapter 17: Assembling Conclusions
Appendix A: Review of Mathematical Concepts
Appendix B: The Data Sets
Appendix C: An R Thesaurus
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