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w w w . sol i dpl a n t3 d . c om


Welcome to the real Plant Design System on SolidWorks, the most famous program platform used for machine
part design. We call this program “SolidPlant”. It is created to fulfill what SolidWorks does not currently have any add-in to
fully work in plant design. Thus, SolidWorks users who need Plant Design System will get the most efficient program through
various and well-prepared tools. Moreover, SolidPlant is an add-in which can work on the standard SolidWorks package.
So this can help you save costs on the program.

SolidPlant truly understands SolidWorks users’ need for Plant Design System. SolidWorks alone cannot answer
this need, even though it already has Piping Module. SolidPlant has provided various appropriate tools for working on the
plant design application starting from Piping Specification Class preparation, Steel Structure Modeler creation, Equipment
Model creation, and Pipe Routing Model creation. From all these information, users can get bills of materials for using in
material assessment and order, as well as automatic generation Piping Isometric Drawing for using in Fabrication Drawing
Piping. Additionally, users can also get General Arrangement Drawing or GA in order to be used in piping installation at the
plant site.

Thus, SolidPlant can be called the best product for SolidWorks users who are seeking for a real Plant Design
Software without the need to use additional software. SolidPlant has everything including full ranges of efficient features
and tools with precision for quality works that will follow.

As for the actual working on the Plant Design System, in order for users to see all the steps, we will start from
importing P&ID data to be used in the system. And then this information will be used in creating Equipment Model and
Steel Structure Model, as well as Piping Model. Users will have chances to thoroughly use various available tools and


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w w w . sol i dpl a n t3 d . c om


The concept of Handrail placing is making a boundary for it using sketch lines. Now we will begin at this point

to be the start point, and draw to this point, then continue to this point. After that, press Escape and S. And make a new
sketch line from this point to this point, and continue to this point. When done, get out of Sketch.

1. Draw the line sketch as
sequecne of numbers.

2. Next, click exit from sketch.








The program will call the template for us to set dimension values. If we verify that everything is correct, then click
Apply, and close the dialog. Now we have already got Handrail. Please go out of the main assembly of Handrail.


1. Click ‘‘ Apply ’’ button .

2. Next, click ‘‘ Close ’’ button to finish.

3. Finally, click ‘‘ Exit ’’ from assembly.

Chapter 5-8 Floor Plate
Next, we will place Floor Plate. In reality, the plates regularly used are Checker Plate, and Grating, which we can

place them. Now, click on Grid Frame, and select Edit Part.

1. Choose ‘‘ Grid Frame-1.

2. Next, click ’’ Edit Assembly ‘‘.



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w w w . sol i dpl a n t3 d . c om

After that, select at the surface of the shape of beam. And then go to Structure Ribbon in order to choose the

feature of Floor Plate.


1. Select at the surface of the
shape of beam.

2. Click ‘‘ Floor Plate ’’ feature

under ‘‘ Structure ’’ ribbon.


The concept is to make a boundary for it. Here please press S, and now we will make a rectangle boundary.

Press ‘‘ S ’’ and click on the
‘‘ Corner Rectangle ’’.

And then click at this point, and expand the boundary to the opposite point, which is this point. When done,
get out of Sketch.

1. Click the first point. 3

2. Click the second point. 1

3. Finally , click to exit from sketch.


On the left, please input thickness to be 20, and click Flip Out to change the placement direction. The plate will be
flipped. Then click OK.


1. Enter the value : 20.

2. Turn on ‘‘ Filp Cut ’’ option.

3. Finally , click ‘‘ OK ’’ button.


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w w w . sol i dpl a n t3 d . c om

Then we can export it as a file by selecting to turn on the status in front of all the lines that we want to export.

At this point, to export it, we can instantly click ‘‘To Excel’’ button on the lower right.

Click ‘‘To Excel’’ button.

After that, the dialog will appear for us to save the file as Excel. Go to the Document folder of our SoidPlant
Projects in drive C, and then input the name of the Excel file as desired. I will input ‘‘bom’’ for it. And then click Save.

1. At ‘‘File name’’ is ‘‘BOM’’.

2.Click ‘‘Save’’button.

1 2

After it finishes saving, the file will be opened for us to instantly see the data inside. Here we can add more details
about unit prices. And for joints, we can see and know the number of joints existing in this line, so we can use Excel formula
with it to calculate the total number of DB and to roughly estimate costs. This is how to export the Bill of Material as an
Excel file.

Review the data.


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