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TitleShaolin & Taoist Herbal Training Formulas for Ch'i Kung, Meditation, the Internal Martial Arts & Longevity
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for ChJi Kung) Meditation,

the Internal Martial Arts

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Shaolin & Taoist Herbal Training Formulas
for Ch'i Kung, the Internal Martial Arts, Meditation & Longevity

Copyright© 1992 by James Ramholz
All rights reserved

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ISBN 1-880412-00-4

The author would like to thank the editors of Oriental Medicine where the introductory
essay of this book first appeared.

Also by James Ramholz
AUTHOR Chinese Herbal Science: An Expandable Chart Series

(Chicago Natural Health Clinic, 1984)

EDITOR Classical Moxibustion Skills in Contemporary Clinical Practice
by Sung Baek (Blue Poppy Press, 1990)

The publisher and author do not advocate nor do they endorse any form of self-
medication or self-treatment. Chinese medicine is a professional discipline. Any person
interested in using any of the information or formulas described in this book should seek
out a qualified doctor or health-care professional prior to doing so. Pregnant women and
persons with high blood pressure or any other disorder should not take any of these
formulas unless instructed to do so by their physician. The information in this book is
presented in good faith. However, the publisher and author cannot be held responsible for
any error or omission. Nor can they be held in any way responsible for treatment given on
the basis of any information contained in this book. The publisher and author make this
information available to English readers for scholarly and research purposes only.

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Tai Chi Tea
Ten Complete Perfect Tonifiers

This is one of the oldest formulas in Oriental medicine for general vitality. It is often
considered the standard prescription for the tonification of both the ch'i and blood. It is
especially useful in promoting endurance and aid in quick recovery after strenuous exercise
or prolonged illness.

This formula is expanded from the classic "Eight Materials Pills" by the addition of
Astragalus membraneceus and Cinnamomum cassia. It is traditionally called "Ten
Complete Great Invigorating Herbs Tea"-the perfect formula. Slightly more yang in
nature, it balances and harmonizes the energy of the Triple Burner; supporting the
circulation of the ch'i and tonifying the blood.

This formula has a wide range of applications in Chinese medicine. It can be used for
any deficiency symptom or chronic disease, except those which show symptoms of

Fever, common cold or any lung disorder.


Panax ginseng
Atractylodes macrocephala
Poria cocos
Glycyrrhiza uralensis
Rehmannia glutinosa
Ligusticum chuanxiong
Angelica sinensis
Paeonia lactiflora
Cinnamomum cassia
Astragalus membraneceus




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Ho Shau Wu Pills
Polygonum Multiflorum Pills

The major herb of this formula, Polygonum multiflorum, is popular for several
reasons: nourishing the sinews and muscles, as well as longevity (literally translated in this
context as "returning hair to its original color"). According to popular lore, it is said that a
very large root will not only return youth but also grow new teeth. This formula
strengthens the muscles, marrow and sinew by tonifying the ch'i, blood and the energy
circulation of the Triple Warmer.

This is a special modification of the Tai Chi Tea formula and can be used for many of
the same types of imbalances; it particularly helps cool excessive heat in the muscles during
hard work outs. Because it closely follows the functioning of Polygonum multiflorum,
anyone interested in this herb should consider using this formula.


Polygonum multiflorum
Astragalus membraneceus
Rehmannia glutinosa
Panax ginseng
Atractylodes macrocephala
Angelica sinensis
Poria cocos
Paeonia lactiflora
Ligusticum chuanxiong
Cinnamomum cassia
Glycyrrhiza uralensis (baked)




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Ginseng Paste Formula

General Blood Forn1ula



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