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40. Which functionality is NOT available on the Custom Object?

a. Validation Rules
b. Assignment Rules
c. Workflows
d. Record Types

41. Which functionality cannot be achieved by final rejection action in an Approval Process?

a. Change the status of a field to “Rejected”
b. Send an email notification
c. Unlock the record
d. Delete the Record

42. Which feature can be used to make sure all outgoing Emails are tracked for compliance?

a. Use Compliance BCC Email
b. Write a trigger to store the emails
c. Let users manually enter a specified Email Id in the To Field
d. None of the Above
e. All of the Above

43. Which layout needs to be changed to change the buttons that display on list views?

a. Page Layout
b. Search Layout
c. List view Layout
d. Mini page Layout
e. Record Type Layout

Sites for DEV 401 Preparation:

The sites that I have mentioned below are the ones that I used to prepare for the DEV 401 and it
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Finally when you have prepared enough for the exam, please go through the book by Siddesh Kabe

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