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Toll Free: 8888 TRYSEO | Skype: | email: [email protected]

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For more details:

6. Our Prestigious Clientele

7. Guarantee
Once all necessary steps are covered, a considerable amount of positive change and subsequent

upward trend will be visible in the following major metrics:

A. Keyword Ranking

B. Link Popularity

C. Visitor Traffic

8. SEO Process/Steps

Our top of the line SEO process begins with extensive keyword research from our

keyword expert team, we analyze above various on-page and off-page factors with an

SEO perspective. Our on-page team suggests hundreds of on-page factors like changes

required for the website, including titles, keyword density, description with respect to the

SEO process and our off-page team starts working with the link building exercise using

our huge database which includes:

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Toll Free: 8888 TRYSEO | Skype:

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• 15,000+ directories

• 40,000+ reciprocal sites

• 100+ Social networking sites

• 15,000+ business directories

• 1000+ book-marking sites

• 3,000+ article syndication sites

• 150+ press release sites

• 100+ video submission sites

• 80+ software submission sites

• 3000+ niche web directories

• 40,000+ reciprocal sites

• 100+ coupon submission sites

• 1000+ Blog promotion sites

• 500+ forum lists

• 100+ Blog syndication directories

• 120+ RSS feeds

• 100+ Social networking sites and Hundreds of Yellow pages.

We use this exclusive database to get back links in 10 different ways which includes (but

is not limited to) Classified ads, Product Promotion (Google base, Shopzilla, Price

Grabber etc.) Craiglist posting, Google/Yahoo local listing.

STEP 1 Free "SEO Analysis and Proposal" form Day1 Client

STEP 2 Free site Analysis Report and proposal In one business day of Step 1 AuroIN

STEP 3 Sign up for SEO Pricing 15 business days of Step 1 Client

STEP 4 SEO Input Request form 1-2 business days of Step 3 Client

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