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TitleSeismic Retrofitting of Columns & Foundations
TagsDeep Foundation Fibre Reinforced Plastic Solid Mechanics
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 “Seismic retroftting o RC buildings” 9o'. 0 I""ue  <ma=>
 ?une @1B ##B *>/

 ISET Journal o Eart!ua"e tecnolog#$ #a#er no.*,*B
9o'.* no > <?une> "e#t @@,.## 1>*/.

 %and boo" on seismic retroft o buildings, central
public works dept. & Indian building congress in association
with Indian institute of technology, Madras.

 E'na"-ai  A.S & Salama, A.I(1!" #Selecti&e re'air (
retroftting tecni!ues or RC Structures in Seismic
Regions$, %esearch report S' !.!, ngineering seismology &
earthuake ngineering section, Imperial college, )ondon.

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