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Taoist Secrets Of Sexual Love

Sexual Psychology Of The Tao Of Love

Sexual Love For Health And Longevity

Sexual Healing

Demystifying Secretive Esoteric Jargon

'Pillow Books'. History And Origins Of The Ancient Sex Manuals

The Rise And Fall Of The Tao Of Love In Chinese Civilization


An Introduction To The Ancient Texts Of The Tao Of Love Masters

Sexual Conservationists - The Ecology Of Ejaculation Control

Explanatory Notes On The Yin-Yang Principle

Ejaculation Control As Practiced By The Ancient Emperors Of China

' Locking The Gate Of The Immortals'

Love Muscles

Ejaculation Control - The Essential Information

The Locking Method :

Level 1. Total Body Lock

Level 2. Partial Locking

Level 3. Mind Control

Ejaculation Control - The Key To Female Orgasm

Explanatory Notes

Tactile Loving - Orgasm Etiquette

'Come To Think Of It'

Heart And Mind In Loving Sex

Regulating Ejaculation

Self Realization Of The Secrets Of Sexual Ecstasy


Advanced Level : 'Cooking Female Orgasm'

Healing Clitoral Conditioned Orgasm

Understanding The Nature Of Female Orgasm Energy

Essential Points For Cooking Female Orgasm

A Birds Eye View Of Fulfilling Sexual Love

Post Mortem

An Invitation To Readers


Dear reader, this is not yet another 'how to be a better lover' guide, which makes empty

promises. Today's 'Better Sex' industry is fraudulently palmed off as an education for men

and women, but in reality, only serves to titillate an already frustrated public; and does little

more than teach ordinary people how to suck eggs! Thanks to our so-called sexually liberated

culture, there is an abundance of puerile Joy of Sex style publications that profess to inform

us on all we need to know about a 'good sex-life', etc. Sex education videos ranging from the

pathetically infantile to the indecently misleading are also freely available to all and sundry.

The world needs more of this sexual revolution type material like it needs a hole in layer!

In writing this manual, I have avoided the sexually ignorant garbage of contemporary sex

therapy, like the plague. I have done this with a view to exposing the old, and sadly, new

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Emperor Huang Ti : "I am weary and in disharmony. I am sad and

apprehensive, What shall I do about this"? Su Nu : "All debility of man must

be attributed to the faulty ways of loving. Woman is stronger in sex and

constitution than man, as water is stronger than fire. Those who know the Tao

of Love are like good cooks who know how to blend the five flavours into a

tasty dish. And those who know the Tao of Love and harmonize the Yin

(female) and Yang (male) sexual energy are able to blend the five joys into a

heavenly pleasure. Those who do not know the Tao of Love will die before

their time, without even really having enjoyed the true pleasure of loving... Is

this not what Your Majesty should be looking into"?

In Western modern parlance, we might say that a man who uncontrollably ejaculates every

time he makes love with a woman, is like a gormless brute; ignorant of his own sexual nature

and totally incapable of appreciating the true nature of woman's sexuality.


The advanced level of 'Dual Cultivation of Orgasm Energy', teaches the techniques of

circulating the orgasm energy around the meridians that orbit the body, to achieve Total Body

Orgasm - (referred to in the Chinese Classics as 'Valley Orgasm' or 'Body and Soul Orgasm').

As this potent Healing Energy pervades the vital organs, their hormonal secretions are

nourished and stimulated and the biological functions are greatly invigorated. When sexual

energy is conserved and transformed, lovers can enjoy a superior and enduring sex-life,

improved health and deep inner balance. Lovers who perfect this Royal Art can experience

the bliss of sexual ecstasy. Through the harmonious exchange of their essential life-force -

female (Yin) and male (Yang) sexual energies, they can experience the ultimate

'Transcendental Orgasm' -marriage of female and male spirit — Union of Yin and Yang. A

bio-cosmic interpolation of female and male orgasm energy.

On the emotional level, lovers who practice this enlightened form of love-making can benefit

more fully from the lengthy exchanges of erotic bliss. As a result of this fulfilling sexual love

they can achieve peace of mind and tranquillity in their personal lives. Cultivating orgasm

energy for health and happiness conforms to a fundamental psychological premise :-

Orgasmic genital gratification provides the biological stability essential to the emotional

health of the individual and for the well-being of society. This 'Sexual Happiness' was

known to the ancient Chinese as the 'Harmony of Yin and Yang'.

The Taoist principle of Yin-Yang (female-male, negative-positive, etc.), is that these two

opposing elements co-exist in all things. Sexual relationships between men and women are

regarded as the ultimate physical manifestation of this principle; an indispensable and natural

part of human life. In the 'Classic of the Plain Girl', we find the following advise:

"For the man to cultivate his male power he must nourish his Yang essence

(male orgasm energy) by absorbing Yin essence (female orgasm energy).

When men and women indulge freely in sex, exchanging their vital energy and

breathing each other's breath, it is like fire and water meeting in such perfect

proportions that neither one defeats the other. Man and woman should ebb and

flow like the waves and currents of the sea. First one way then the other, but

always in harmony with the Great Tide (female orgasm). In this manner they

may continue all night long, constantly nourishing : and preserving their

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modern sexological theory, no amount of adventurous foreplay or face—saving afterplay can

compensate for the misery of short-lived penetrative sex.

I have already explained the reasons for bio-emotional dissatisfaction from mindless

ejaculatory sex, as well as the obvious humiliation of failing to sexually satisfy a woman in

bed. However, the outrageous clap-trap sex therapists preach about men's so-called intrinsic

emotional insecurity being the cause of post-orgasm depression, only reveals that modern

sexologists do not understand the function of the sexual organs, the nature of orgasm energy

and the purpose of sexual love... For goodness sake! when will common sense prevail?

Misjudging men's outward behavioural symptoms of post orgasm anxiety and blaming men's

emotional nature for this universal phenomena, and then dressing up trendy jargonistic terms

with a sophisticated ploy of psychiatric sophistry, is in my book, the last straw.

When you have realized the truth of this folly for yourself, you can take all your impotent

lovers guides and substitute sex videos out into the back garden, build a bonfire and say

'goodbye' to the sexually ignorant garbage of the new age witch doctors - the politics of

sexual suffering.... Then open a bottle of. champagne, raise a glass to your cherished

sweetheart and truly celebrate your love!


The success of this Manual ultimately depends upon your success, and recommendation

through word of mouth. As the saying goes, 'nothing succeeds like success'.

Having mercilessly slapped the face of modern sex therapy with a cast iron gauntlet, and

made other best-selling lover's guides look like a teddy bear's picnic; you can imagine

therefore, how valuable your personal written testimonials are for feed back and as a counter-

force to the anticipated uproar from the establishment. Ridiculing modern sex therapy was an

unfortunate expediency as a result of having to wrestle with the universal cock-sure male

delusion "I haven't got that problem ". Out of compassion and for the sake of happiness in

sexual love, I had no choice, but to annihilate the myths that perpetuate the chronic plague of

sexual suffering.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not on a vindictive campaign against sex therapists, per se. Quite

frankly they are an irrelevance and I couldn't give a damn. I am concerned however, to collect

as much evidence as possible from lovers like you, who have read the Manual and put it's

principles into practice. I sincerely hope you succeed in this, glorious bedroom endeavour for

Fulfilling Sexual Love.

Apart from sending me your comments on what this Manual has done for you, if you have

any difficulties and would like some confidential advice, do not hesitate to write to me and

include your phone number, if you would like a free consultation over the telephone.

By the way, 'Romeo's True Love Story' is a true word for word account and a typical example

of many of my 'clients', who have purchased the original pamphlet version of this Manual.

Those who understand me will do so

Because of the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy.

Those who condemn me will also do so

Because of the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy.

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