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1) Billing Document not released to accounting / Accounts determination:
To resolve the error, you can analyze account determination in the billing document.

Go to T.Code: VF02 & Enter Invoice number
Next (On the top most strip) go to Environment
Next (Select Environment) go to Account determination
Next (In Account Determination) select Revenue Account Determination (first option)

This will list all the condition types in the Billing document & analyze each condition & check for which G/L
accounts is not determined.

Possible errors:
1. VKOA not maintained for required combination
Solution: Maintain the combination in VKOA.

2. Account Assignment of Customer / material not maintained in Customer / Material Master (If maintained
in combination in VKOA).
Option 1 (Standard solution):
step 1: Cancel Billing Document --> Reverse PGI --> cancel Delivery --> Cancel Sales Order
step 2: Maintain Customer master / Material Master correctly.
step 3: Recreate sales order --> Delivery --> PGI --> Invoicing.
Option 2:
Force the Account Assignment Group of Customer / Material through Debug in change mode of Billing
document, which will release Billing Document to Accounting.

2) Account Key not maintained in Pricing Procedure:
Impact: This may create accounting document, but if condition type, which are to be posted to account,
but do not have account key maintained in pricing procedure, it will not be post the relevant condition type
to G/L account.
FI consultant requires to take corrective action.

3) Billing Document not being released to accounting:
In Material Master, there is some link between Profit Centre & MRP Type. If one of it is not maintained,
erratically few documents get stuck while releasing Billing Document to accounting. Few of course get
Cancel Billing Document --> Reverse PGI --> Cancel Delivery --> Block the sales Order & Create new
sales Cycle all over again after rectifying Material master.
Solution 2:
(Temporary Solution) In Debug mode in Billing, force the
Profit Center in Billing Document with the help of ABAP-er. But ensure Material master is rectified.

From FI Side, you require to check that all the G/L account has been maintained through T.Code: FS00.
G/L account being Master data has to be created in each client to upload through LSMW / SCATT / BDC.

In Billing Document in change mode (in the first screen where we enter Billing Document number), on the
top most left hand corner, take a dropdown on Billing Document & select Release to accounting. Here you
can get the under mentioned possible message:
1. G/L account not found
2. Cost Element not maintained for G/L account.

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