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TitleSanitation Repair Instructions
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                            C2, C3, C4
	C4 2029162 flush mechanism
	Blade Fuse 3 amp C2 C3
	C2 C3 (produced after June 1994) Blade fuse 3 amp
	C2 C3 C4 (produced after 15 June 2000) Lip seal
	C2 C3 C4 (produced until 15 June 2000) Lip seal
	C2 C3 C4 C200 Automatic Vent
	C2 C3 C4 C200 Blade
	C2 C3 C4 Float arm
	C2 C3 C4 Float vent (produced before June 1993)
	C2 C3 C4 Flush knob
	C2 C3 C4 levelindicator
	C2 C3 C4 Seat & Cover hinge pin hinge hinge post
	C2 C3 C4 Spring clip retainer
	C2 C3 C4 Vent plug Vent button
	C2 C3 C4 Vent seal
	C2 C3 Glass Fuse 3 amp
	C2 C3 Mechanism
	C2 C3 Switch
	C2 C3 Switch cover
	C2 C3 Switch
	C2 C3 Wiring harness
	C2 C4 LH Drain tube
	C2 C4 Water fill funnel
	C2 Flush tube
	C2 Pump
	C3 Electric valve
	C3 Flush tube
	C3 Relais
	C3 Vacuum breaker
	C4 Pump complete
	C4 Pump parts
	Leaflet automatic vent
	Leaflet draintube LH
	Leaflet Float arm Cassette-Porta Potti
	Leaflet Pump C2
	Leaflet Waterfill funnel
	ventplug-vent button Cassette
	C2 C3 C4 C200 Automatic Vent
	C2 C3 C4 C200 Blade
	21528 seal automatic vent C200
	23790 SC200 Lock Waterfill door
	23845 C200CW pump retainer
	23848 C200 Saddle bracket
	2384978-5180116 SC200-400 HT Lock clip
	23709 C250 electric valve
	50708 C250 Overlay
	50709 C250 Control Panel
	50712 C250 CWE Pump
	50713 C250 Reed Switch
	50716 SC250 Reed switch housing
	50717 SC250CWE Drain
	5071992-3230606 SC250-400 Pour out Spout
	5072306 C250 Waste-holding tank plate
	50724 SC250-400 Seal mechanism
	50725 C250 Waste-holdingtank float
	50726 C250 Waste-holding tank wheels
	5072706 C250 Waste-holdingtank mechanism
	50728 C250 Pull handle
	50729 SC250 Seal nozzle
	50731 SC250-400 Blade
	50732 C250 Float stem
	50733 SC250 Bowl retainer bracket
	5073462 SC250 Vent plate
	50735 SC250 Saddle
	5073792 C250 Handle grip cover
	5075062 SC250 Kit one switch
	50755 C250 Ventilator for powered vent
	C250 CWE Additional Drain Tube
	rework C250CB seat and cover
	0752492-3230716 SC400 Vent button
	5071992-3230606 SC250-400 Pour out Spout
	0752492-3230716 SC400 Vent button
	50731 SC250-400 Blade
	50724 SC250-400 Seal mechanism
	16374 Pump C402 C X
	20106 SC400 Relais
	21766 Blade Fuse C400
	23709 C403L Electric Valve
	3230016 SC400 Blade opener
	3230206-3232806 SC400 HT plate left
	32304 Float arm C400
	32305 SC400 Automatic vent
	3230806 SC400 HT wheels
	3231362 Control panel C402X
	32314-32321-32323 SC403L-402C-402X Overlay
	3231506 SC402 Waterfill funnel
	3231662 Reed Switch HT C400
	3231762 Reed switch WT C402X
	32319 SC400 Wire harness
	32324 SC400 Outside vent
	3232916 SC400 Waterfill extension
	3233062 Float Box C402X
	3233106-3233206 SC400 Holdingtank mechanism R-L
	5071992-3230606 SC250-400 Pour out Spout
	51802 SC400-500 Shaft
	5180362 SC400 Handle
	5180474 SC400 Drain tube
	5071992-3230606 SC250-400 Pour out Spout
	2384978-5180116 SC200-400 HT Lock clip
	90701 C500 Control knob
	90703 C500 Drain tube
	90704 C500 PCB
	90706 C500 Float arm
	51802 SC400-500 Shaft
Holding tank convert versin (left/right)
Porta Potti Excellence level indicator
Document Text Contents
Page 1

09/11 Description:Leaflet


Description: C4 Flush mechanism
Part number: 21066 Inlet tube / 20292-62 Flush tube / 21065 Bellow/2029162
Flush mechanism
Look for Service Centers, Point of Sale addresses and other information on:

Version: V2

Date: 05/09/2011

Tools required:


Repair instruction

Lift the flush cap
up with your finger (1)

1. A

1. 21066 Inlet tube / 20292-62 Flush tube / 21065 Bellow

Push cylinder (2) down and turn it to
the left to take it out. After this,the
bellow cap (3) and housing (4) can be
taken out.

2. 4.

Page 2

09/11 Description:Leaflet


Inside view,
nozzle (5) has
to be taken out.
Can be pulled


Inlet tube (6),
Flush tube (7) or
Bellow (8) can now
be replaced




Note : Inlet tube and Flush tube can easily be replaced by pulling of the part and press the new part on.
For replacing the Bellow see following instructions.

Bellow is fitted into the housing
with PTI (kind of kit). Depress
bellowfirmly loose (1) and pull it
out (2).

When placing the new bellow,
hold the parts in position as on
photo. Lug on the housing has
to be on the right side.


Press the bellow into the
housing and, assemble inlet
tube and flush tube.



Page 86


Place waste holding tank back into toilet

4/4 05/11 42799

Page 87

1/1 06/10

Description: SC250 Overlay
Part number: 50708
Look for Service Centres, Point of Sale addresses and other
information on:

Version: 1

Date: June 2010

Tools required: Stanley knife

Repair instruction



Remove overlay
and place new


Using a sharp object such
as a stanley knife carefully
peel back the overlay taking
care not to damage the
main body of the toilet

Page 171

1 2 3

4 5 6

Right: Left:

Follow instructions


Cassette Toilet C400

Page 172

Description: SPP Level indicator FWT Excellence
Part number: 92405-111/60/130/135
Look for Service Centres, Point of Sale addresses and other
information on:

Version: 1

Date: January 2012

Tools required: Flat screwdriver – nose plier

Repair instruction

Open outercase, put
plastic on the side and pull
seat & cover off.


Note: it can happen that
only the cover of the level
indicator comes loose, use
a nose plier to pull out the
rest of the level indicator.



Place flat screwdriver
under level indicator, lift it
up and take complete
level indicator out.

Place new level indicator,
press in it and place seat
& cover back.

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