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Standard procedure in horoscope analysis. Basic procedure done in minutes even without the computer.

All love affairs, marriage, children, divorce and career computed always without any tools, by memory.

(1) Basic scan. EWNSZNiii; true ascendant, zenith, Moon, nadir, meridian constellation.

(2) Marriage, children and career. Past and future life. Main dangers. Death hazard.

(3) Reality rendering procedure in the removal of bad future events along with blessings.

(4) Dwarf planets, giant comets, centaurs, Apoheles, dark planets and objects of interest.

(5) Documentation in animated AVI, GIF and PDF format. Zodiacality initiation.

(6) Answers to specific questions. Up to 108 answers.

(7) Secondary angular directions. Meridian constellation progression.

(8) Extra-zodiacal analysis. Planetocentric analysis, e.g. Juno-centric in conjugal analysis.

(9) Health analysis along with e.g. Temporary cancer cancellation (RTRRT).

(10)Final dis-creation of obstacles, reality rendering initiation and blessings.

The RTRRT & 22/16 material is available through and

• The zodiac has precisely 22 constellations as confirming to IAU standards and the Tarot.

• The present ascendant set consists of 16 rising eastern constellations.

• The meridian set of constellations is determined as separate set in financial astrology.

• The universal Cartesian house system has solved all housing problems for the colonsiv.

• Reality renderingv solves futurity correctionvi in creating events for the magus-astrologer.

The dream of every true astrologer has materialized with the establishment of the astronomic zodiac.

Scientific astrology has greatly prospered since its birth in the year 1992vii. Its major achievements are

the Academic Zodiac, the precessing set of eastern ascendants and universal Cartesian house system.

The Academic Zodiac has 22 IAU constellations, along with a precessing ascendant set as currently

consisting in 16 IAU constellations. The magus-astrologer renders one's personal future at willviii. The

sequential projects and publications are mainly intimated in reverse chronology.

Free from future predetermined, the initiate laughs at Sabian worship.

Visual information:

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• Chariklo and the red ring of life at the Dark Flux and axis of Evil crossing.

• The Union of the Snake. Exposing the list of countries with reptilian ascendantsxvi.

• Serpens versus Hydra. The clash between reptilian races and American Civil War II.

• Alexandrian plot. The dark fraction, RA Moses' 22 zodiac and the treason of Ptolemy.

• SIRIVS Lodge and the Owl in masonic heraldry. Ramming astrology.

• The Temple of the Snake. Bohemian Grove astrology. Solstice of the Owl.

• The Philadelphia telescope and new American masonry. Plot within the Lodge.

• The Mexican heraldry plot. Aquila versus Serpens. Maximilian and the Vatican.

• Expansion of Pepin the Short through Hapsburg and Vatican.

• The 7 Hills of Hydra. Sextans and the Stargate in Vatican's horoscopes.

• Sextans in all Russian horoscopes. The Vatican connection.

• All the U.S.A. presidents with reptilian ascendants. Barbara Crowley Bush.

• Sleeping agent. Lacerta an Draco in natal astrology. The second reptilian count.

• As above so below. The Great Snake in the sky. Hidden LA and the reptilian zodiac.

• Digging in the dirt. Reptilian astrology for Hollywood and its Hebrew legacy.

• Aquila and Lacerta in the horoscopes of CEO and grand masons. The tycoon aspect.

• Reptilian ascendants in the agendas of the U.S.A. presidential candidates.

• Hidden reptilian ascendants of Italy, Vatican, the United Kingdom and U.S.A.

• Serpens and Hydra in heraldry, masonry and astrology. The 32nd degree temple.

• Reptilian astrology in Australian heraldry. Dorado precession and the Child.

• Two signs of error in European astrology presented as work of the Dark Lodge.

• Ptolemy debunked. The precession of the ascendants against the “fixed sky”.

• The 16 eastern ascendants as confronted with geomancy.

• illustrates the precession of the ascendants.

• The 22 letters of the Hebrew zodiac as enlivened within the Academic Zodiac.

• 32nd degree masonry astrology on youtube announcing the end of times.

• Hidden zodiacal cults in Europe. A note on Sun in Orion and Sun in Cetus.

• Zodiacal plot debunked down to the roots of antisemitism.

• Black swan operation. British court and writer David Icke confronted with reptilian astrology.

• Examples of Dark Flow and the Axis of Evil in Cartesian house direction.

• Witchallow and Witchollow projected into the Dark Flow. The Mordred effect.

• The horoscope has two primary axis, the Axis of Evil and experimental Dark Flow.

• The Axis of Evil has been rotated to the right around the Dark Flow midpoint.

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• Eris and the dwarf planets have been directed along the Dark Flow.

• Secondary altitude direction along the Dark Flow.

• Dark Flow has been entered below the Axis of Evil.

• Experimenting with Dark Flow in Centaurus constellation.

• Chariklo and the red ring of life reactivated in Centaurus.

• WMAP cold spot directed by altitude. Cartesian house directions.

• Eridanus direction. Dioretsa as Sedna WMAP midpoint.

• Petition to UNICEF for children birth rights. Children have right to their true natal skies.

• Asyut Minya precession and the Kabiria concept in planetary exorcism.

• Nile precession maps and Stargate orientation in galactic astrology.

• Conception horoscope. The Night & Day house system has 24 houses.

• Third version of kabbalistic attribution for the 22 zodiacal constellations.

• The progressive Hebrew zodiac as dwarf planets scale. 22 musical dwarf planets.

• Incantations, sigils and mantrae for the 64 main dwarf planets.

• Centaurs in theurgy. Elipinon is Asbolus. (Work in progress).

• 360 angel guardian stars receive dwarf planet attribution.

• Snow White and the seven dwarfs system. Dwarf planets for children.

• The dark planets are integrated into the Tree of Life in 16+1 fashion.

• Dozens of Centaurs attributed to the hidden Æthyrs around the Tree of Life.

• 64 dwarf planets assigned to the Tree of Life. Ain Soph problem solved.

• 32 dwarf planets assigned to the (A'aTz ChIIM) Tree of Life.

• Sun in Orion and Cetus implemented into native astrology and reformed Egyptian astrology.

• Cartesian house system implemented into native astronomy. The default is no house.

• Dwarf Planets in the 12 houses updated for the latest H =< 4 objects.

• Navaho and Hopi astronomy blended with Egyptian, e.g. Selquit & Rabbit Paws plug-in.

• Elevation equations compared between WTC and LHC. Timing catastrophe equation set.

• Monsters Typhon, Ceto and Logos updated for LHCxvii.

• Makemake and Haumea updated. Haumea enters Bootes. Bailout.

• Iah congregation of planets. Spica Virginis bracketed. The fool's aspect. Bailout.

• Hydra tail and the decline of the Prince of Darkness. Where is hell located?

• A decade of economic decay, war lost and “socialistic capitalism”.

• 2008 KV42 full delineation published in the 12 houses.

• D zodiac defined. The first vampire zodiac. Cross grid with X zodiac. Pavo and Reticulum.

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