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                            Reviews, the story behind my books
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Spirit Guide

Published: 1998
Tag(s): Health Religion spirituality peace wicca witchcraft light medita-
tion angels occult pyramids wellbeing Crystals demons shamanism hol-
istic wellness mysticism "natural therapies" 2012 ETs "new age"


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Reviews, the story behind my books

“Raym’s very comprehensive introduction to holistic thinking and living
leaves no stone unturned. If you are just embarking on the journey of

discovery for yourself, you will be lightly and often humorously guided
in every facet. Contrasting the light style, some of the concepts covered
are deep, but Raym at all times has your welfare uppermost in his ap-

proach. A master healer himself, he is there to guide you in deep medit-
ative and healing experiences, and it may be that these are the real gems

of this excellent primer of holism.”
Elizabeth Stephens, Editor, LivingNow and Dare to

Dream magazines
“I really enjoyed reading Raym’s book. I found it inspiring and en-

lightening. It is a “must read” for everyone, especially those embarking
on a spiritual journey. I highly recommend it.”

Dr. Patricia Bragg ND. Ph.D. Health crusader
“… the most easy to read, entertaining and informative view of

New Age philosophy I have ever read, an indispensable guide.
Highly recommended.”

Your Destiny magazine
“A thorough and thought provoking read.”

Conscious Living magazine
“A gripping read from beginning to end”

The Planet

The story behind these books…
The reason these books have come about is due to a spectacular shift

in my own perception of reality which took place late in 1994. Up until
then I was under the impression that I was a moderately successful,

moderately happy artist and that was about it. My wife, and then my
daughter, both became Reiki channels (Spiritual healers) and I found I

had vague feelings of unease about the "New Age" dismissing it as a
lot of "airy fairy nonsense". I did my best to avoid the tag "Sensitive
New Age Guy", by assuming the persona of an insensitive middle

aged hedonist.
My perception of my chosen reality changed dramatically when whilst
at a friends dinner party, I became intrigued by a rare and beautiful or-
namental natural crystal. Having never handled this type of crystal be-

fore, I was surprised when, after a few minutes, I felt at first gentle
and then increasingly powerful physical sensations that were


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guide, not because it is trendy, but because these people were and are a
very spiritual race and many have reincarnated again at this time. So it
is natural that their friends should help them out.

Above the ascended masters there are many levels of consciousness,
one of which is the angelic realm. The beings who reside here are love.
They have never needed to experience the density of being human. They
have not incarnated on this plane, but nonetheless love us and this plan-
et. They, like the ascended masters, have particular responsibilities and
work in particular areas of awareness. Every human being has an angel
watching over their development. The laws of the universe prohibit
their interference in our affairs unless requested. So ASK for help when
you need it.

Meeting your spirit guides or guardian angel
You may choose to record this meditation and play it back to yourself

before sleep, or at a quiet time when you can lie down to meditate.
Centre yourself in your still place and prepare for meditation. Call on

your spiritual guides, teachers and friends to surround you with their
love and light. Give your loving guides, that are focused on your divine
highest good, permission to enter your consciousness by the easiest route
during the meditation or your sleep following the meditation.

Picture yourself in a place in nature you know and love, explore the
area, see the trees, smell the flowers, touch the plants and animals, be
there and feel comfortable in your chosen space. Announce that you
come to this place in peace, for your own divine highest good and with
love in your heart. Say that it is your intention to meet your spirit
guides; then explore a little.

You may be attracted to a particular animal that appears. Ask it to
help you find your spirit guides and give it permission to help. It will
lead you to a place where they may be waiting, or you should wait for
one or more of your friends to arrive. Before interacting with anyone in
the space you have created, ask them, do they love you? Their answer
should be unequivocally positive. You should ask three times and re-
ceive a clearly positive reply after each request. If you receive a vague or
nonspecific reply such as “I can teach you” or “I can help you,” you are
not dealing with a loving being and you should discontinue the interac-
tion by clearly stating that you are only willing to interact with those
who love you unconditionally.

You may explore in a similar manner with the intention of meeting
your guardian angel or higher self - just change the words in the affirma-
tion to suit. This is an advanced exercise and may need the assistance of


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a practitioner. By doing it before sleep you give your guides a greater
opportunity to appear in your dreams. Write your dreams down as soon
as you wake up, even if you wake in the night. You should receive some
impressions of one or more of your spirit guides.

Higher self and soul family
Higher self is the term given to the main part of our consciousness

which we are generally not aware of on this plane. Our higher self may
be experiencing several incarnations on several planes of existence sim-
ultaneously, each different personality experiencing a different life.
Every human being belongs to a group of souls which travel and incarn-
ate together as a soul family. Each and every one of us is an aspect of a
more evolved being that has split its consciousness in order to incarnate
here and evolve and grow as a spirit.

Being aware of this could be a little distracting for us on this plane,
though that awareness can be accessed through a variety of techniques.
On dying, provided the free will spirit does not become confused or
earthbound, it may merge again with the oversoul. On merging, the
spirit becomes fully aware of all they have experienced on all planes of
existence. This knowledge and experience contributes to the pool of wis-
dom of the higher self. The last Earth incarnation is reviewed and de-
cisions made regarding possible future incarnations here or on other
planes of existence. It is not normal for us to become aware of any of the
other simultaneous incarnations that our higher self is presently

Reconnection with the oversoul or higher self
The following exercise will help you to become temporarily aware of

your higher self.
Centre yourself in your special place, ask your spiritual guides teach-

ers, friends and higher self to join you. Prepare for meditation and,
when you are ready, make the following invocation with all your heart:

“ I live within the light
I love within the light
I laugh within the light
I AM sustained by the light
I joyously serve the light

For I AM the light, I AM the light, I AM the light
I am an aspect of the Divine

I am an infinite being of light
I am aware of my higher self


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About the author

Raym was born Raymond John Richards, in Merseyside, UK on July 26,
1953. He is a Crystal Master specialising in connecting people with their
own higher guidance, the spiritual realm, bliss and beyond through
deeply altered states, using an advanced crystal healing technique he
calls Crystal Dreaming™. He will travel anywhere in the world to teach
Crystal Dreaming™.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fine Art and has en-
joyed many years as a visual and performance artist. He has been hap-
pily married for over 30 years, has one daughter and a grandson. Raym
lives in the hinterland of Byron Bay, Northern NSW, Australia.

Also by Raym “Alchemy of Crystals”
The complete Crystal Dreaming™ technique summarised in one

volume, a practitioner’s handbook.
“Alchemy of Crystals deals with aspects of Crystal Healing not

covered in any other Crystal Healing book… an essential and compre-
hensive reference book for all healers, using any modality, not just Crys-
tal Dreaming™.” White Light Magazine.

Alchemy of Crystals is available from the publishers by mail order,


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