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TitleRaw food controversies : how to avoid common mistakes that may sabotage your health : a personal
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Table of Contents
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
An Inexact Science
Some Americans, Fed Up With Conflicting Diet and Nutrition Messages, Respond With Less Healthful Eating Habits
From Poutine to Tofu Hot Dogs
The Story of How I Became Vegetarian
How a Piano Tuner Got Me to Go (Mostly) Vegan
From Dog Food to Live Food
Food Combining Simplified
About Shelton’s Diet
How an Old Frenchman Would Transform My Assumptions About Diet and Health
Nature’s First Law: The Raw Food Diet
How to Deal with the Winter on a Raw Food Diet
Finding Raw Foods on the Internet
California’s Raw Food Superheroes
San Diego, Here I Come
Guac Around the Clock
Discovering the Avocado
How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?
Advice for Sound Sleep
A Wrong Turn Down Raw Meat Street
Heading to San Francisco
The Death of T.C. Fry
Instinctive Eating
The Flaws of Instinctotherapy
The Truth About Detox
My First Bite of Raw Flesh
You Eat Chicken. You Eat Bread. Everything You Eat Is Dead!
Behind The Scenes at Nature’s First Law
My Diet Came Full Circle
Stimulants & Detox
Just Eat an Apple, What’s So Hard About That?
Raw Cuisine Gone Mad!
The Legendary Appetite of Mad Mango Seb
The Truth About Raw Food Recipes
Raw Love is in the Air
The Mysterious Raw Sickness
Why You Should Never Eat Raw Beans
The Mysterious Illness
The Danger of Dogma
Cravings and the Raw Food Diet
The Truth About Cravings
How I Became a Gourmet Raw Food Chef
What’s Wrong with Raw Food Recipes?
My Meeting with a Breatharian
Don’t Be in a Rush to Flush
The Truth About Liver Flushes
Back to the Land of Snow, and Cooked Food
Rediscovering Cooked Foods
The Reward of Raw: A Mouthful of Cavities
Going Back to Natural Hygiene
More Dental Troubles, and Going Back to Meat
Why Raw Foodists Have Problems with Their Teeth and What to Do About It
The Raw Curse
The Raw Curse
My Fast in Costa Rica
My Fasting Journal
Vulnerability During the Fast
What I Ate After the Fast
Back Home After the Fast
My Conclusions on the Fast
Fasting for Health
What Happened After
Is Low-Fat, Cooked Better Than High-Fat, Raw?
Why Do People Get Results?
What About “Moderate Fat, Moderate Fruit?”
What I Eat Now
What About 100% Raw?
100% Raw or 80% Raw: Which One Is Best?
Pros and Cons of Eating 100% Raw
PROS of 100% Raw
CONS of 100% Raw
Pros and Cons of Eating Mostly Raw
PROS of Mostly Raw
CONS of “Mostly Raw”
The Benefits I Have Experience From Eating This Way
What About You?
Tips for Success on the Raw Food Diet
What About Organic Food?
The Supplements Controversy
Vitamin B12
What Are the Symptoms of Vitamin B12 Deficiency?
Vitamin B12 Content of Animal Foods
Vitamin D
Is Sea Salt Any Better?
Fat: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Problems with Fat
Fat and Blood Sugar
Even Low-Carb Pundits Get It
Saturated Fat
Too Much Fat is Too Much Fat
Can Fruit Sugar Make You Fat?
Too Much Fruit Sugar?
Conclusion: The Ideal Diet
Could Humans Live on a Chimpanzee Diet?
Teeth Show Fruit Was the Staple, No Exception Found
A Little Update
What Happened to the Characters in this Book?
Ready for the Next Step?
Other Products By Frederic Patenaude
The Raw Vegan Mentor Club
Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine DVD Set
The Raw Secrets
Instant Raw Sensations
Perfect Health Program
How to Heal and Prevent Dental Disasters in 21 Days or Less
Do What You Love Products
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They secured a hotel room overlooking a beautiful part of Brisbane, with a team
of security guards watching her 24/7, to ensure she didn’t eat or drink anything.
Her progress was also checked onsite by a doctor.

By day two, there were already problems: she was dehydrated. By day three,
Jasmuheen was complaining that city pollution was limiting the nutrients she
could obtain from the air. After she complained of the bad air quality, they
moved her to another location (Clear Mountain, 20 kilometers outside of
Brisbane), surrounded by trees and nature.

However, even in this pristine environment, Jasmuheen started to look gaunt. By
day four, she had lost 6 kilos (13 lbs.) Her blood pressure was down, and her
pulse rate was over twice as fast as when she started. Her eyes were sunken, and
her dehydration had passed the 10% level. She also started to talk crazy, like a
little insecure child instead of a grown adult. The doctor monitoring her warned
her she could suffer from severe kidney failure and that it would be too
dangerous to continue, so the experiment was stopped.

At the end, Jasmuheen continued to defend her case that the “pollution” from the
first hotel room in Brisbane had prevented her from getting enough nutrients
from the air.[3] However, in another interview, she claims that breathing
polluted air in big cities has no effect on “her being nourished by prana,” and
that she spends 50% of her time in cities.[4]

From meeting Jasmuheen in person, I believe she is a deluded person, rather
than just a liar looking to make a quick buck. Her willingness to appear on
television and put her claims to the test showed that she did believe she could
live on air. Like all breatharians, she does not take into account that her sparse
diet of tea with honey and chocolate cookies is actually what is keeping her
alive, and not prana.

According to the press, at least three people have died from following
Jasmuheen’s advice.[5] I believe that the total death count attributable to
breatharianism in general is much higher. I personally know at least one person
who died after following this type of advice (a case that was never reported in
the media).

Jasmuheen has also claimed that her DNA has changed shape from 2 strands to
12 “in order to absorb more hydrogen.” A group of skeptics offered her $30,000
to prove it via a simple blood test, but she declined the offer, saying “I don’t
know the relevance for it.” Later, another skeptical group, The James Randi
Foundation, offered her one million dollars to prove her claim.[6] Wouldn’t it be

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