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Radionics Definition: Radionics is the utilization
of an unusual energy or energies in devices to
produce natural phenomenon or effects. J.G.

Radionics: System of alternative medicine
developed by Dr. Albert Abrams, who belived that
diseased body tissue affected the nervous system
and gave forth, 'dull emanations'. Abrams believed
electronic phenomena were involved with this, and
he invented a variable resistance intrument called a
'black box' to measure the ohm resistance of
different diseases on an electronic circuit. He
found for example, that cancer produced a 50 ohm
resistance, while syphilis had a 55 ohm resistance.
Abrams later modified his technique so he could
take readings from a drop of blood. In 1924, a
committee established by the Royal Society of
Medicine investigated Abrams techniques and
were favorably impressed. Today Radionics and its
cousin Radiesthesia (medical dowsing) are
recognized in Europe as legitimate medical

This is the beginning of Forum type articles that
will be covering all aspects of the 'Ether'. Which
includes 'orgone energy', 'pyramid energy', 'tantric
energy' 'kundalini energy' and all other forms of
'unusual' energies that modern day science is still
trying to understand.

It is simply an attempt to inform others that these
energies exist and that they can be made available
for your own use as well becoming more
comprehensible to the layman. This is NOT a
technically oriented forum, so should someone
attempt and try to use technical will just
make things that much harder on others who have
no formal training in Physics, chemistry, etc., this
forum is for the LAYMAN! But any and all
persons 'of the scientific persuasion' are
ENCOURAGED to join in, just keep things
'simple'. Thank You!

Though I am starting this communication I do not
feel that I am required to allways contribute to
it...whereas all persons have knowledge, ideas and
opinions, I feel that this discussion be 'open' and
may accept input from all persons. I will expect
others to send questions & answers also. I will
monitor the communications and answer the
questions to the best of my knowledge and to the
limits of my resources. This is a discussion for
'unusual energies', so I will expect some unusual
questions and answers!


Radionics has as its basis the following: There is
an energy pervading the universe that has unusual
properties and may be used for the betterment of
mankind. Under certain conditions, this energy has
been found to affect man or his enviroment and
can be controlled under conditions imposed by the
characteristics of that energy.

As in all sciences, development of that science is
made through observation of properties or
characteristics of that which is studied.
Experimentation follows observations in order to
control or induce the phenomenon itself in a
controlled manner.


There are two reasons 'why' this country (USA)
has made 'laws' against Radionics.

1. It works, but not in a way totally understood, not
by the academic community and not by the
practitioners themselves.

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2. It works and produces miracle cures in man,
plants, animals, and outdates existing sciences if it
is understood. Therefore, the 'lobbies' in
Washington representing the commercial
applications of existing sciences force laws against
Radionics to preserve existing sciences and the
large sums of money invested in them to create our
present technology and preserve the jobs of
millions which might be lost if indeed Radionics
was used to achieve the same results.

After following the previous column of mine
introducing you to 'Radionics' I am sure many of
you who completed the experiments in that column
have many questions about Radionics. I order to
establish an operating basis for discussion and
experimentation, I feel it is necessary to include a
list of retailers that can furnish you with the
materials that will enable you to discover for
yourself the 'miracles' of Radionics. So I have
compiled a list of retailers for you below.

This is a small list of merchants that carry
materials and books on Radionics. This list is by
no means complete...there are undoubtedly other
places where you can recieve these materials. I am
not affiliated with any of these merchants, so I am
not recieving any financial 'Kickbacks' from
them... These are just sources that I have
uncovered in the past year or so that have proven
to be 'reliable'. I have tried to include all the
essential information on each supplier. T H E L I S

HEALTH RESEARCH Box 70, Mokelumne Hill,

This is a fine source to find books that are no
longer in print. They sell BY MAIL ONLY, they
DO NOT have a walk in store. Their catalogs were
once free but they now charge for them (refundable
upon purchase). Catalogue 1-A is for Health Books
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Catalogue 2-A is for Occult, Metaphysical &
Religous. It also is $2.00. Each catalogue is
approximately 100-200 pages. It is well worth the

$2.00. Many other fine features from the business
make it a worthwhile experince..Highly
reccomended. Both catalogues together costs
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is the catalogue for books on Radionics etc.) You
may also just request a flyer on their Radionics
books (free of charge), just include a SASE* and
tell them you would like more information about
radionics. *(Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)

Box 66, Boulder Creek, CA. 95006

This is a source for Radionics devices that are
simple to use, and inexpensive. They are actively
researching all areas of 'Psychotronics' devices
including 'Radiesthesia', 'Radionics', 'Psionics',
along with other more 'traditional' methods of
healing. A high level of Professionalism is
displayed by this group. They also have very Fast
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Box 323, CD'A, ID. 83814

Active R & D has many of the more 'time honored'
radionics devices for sale, along with several 'new'
devices that are superior to the 'older generation'
models. They sell Plans for the devices as well as
the allready assembled 'black boxes'. Newsletters
are also available to stay 'up to date' on the latest
discoveries and develpoments. Their catalog is
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the devices for sale. They also sell the AMAZING
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Literally! -------

Allis, WI. 53214-0511

This is a mail order book store for books on the
'unusual' as well as an outlet for Radionics devices.
They sell many of the 'traditional' radionics

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Lower Abdomen Splenic Orange 1. Gonads Base
of Spine Sacral Red

As you will remember from my first article, The
'Ether' or 'dynamic space fluidum' or 'bioplasmic
energy', whatever you want to call it, permeates the
universe, and it plays a key role in the funtions of
the human body as well as plants and animals. The
yoga tradition sometimes describes the chakras as
lotuses and assigns a certain number of petals to
each one. This is simply a way of describing the
rate of vibration or frequency at a particular center.
The numbers of petals in each lotus can be likened
to the lines of force that each center radiates. The
colors the chakras emit, absorb and resonate with
depend upon their speed of revolution, which
varies with each of us.Colors are just energy
vibrating at differing frequencies, some visible,
some not. Therefore, looking at a color will tend to
produce a corresponding vibration to that color in
us. A modern test of human psychological and
physiological reactions to color, The Luscher Color
Test (The book is at Waldenbook Stores!), is
proving very helpfull in pinpointing psychological
causes of functional disturbances -- disease. This is
also true of sound. Each chakra has an octave of
sound connected with it and will be affected by it.
Chanting resonates the chakras, rythmically
harmonizing them with the cosmic sound current
or AUM. This brings experience of altered states of
consciousness...more on that at another time!!


The aura, as we all know, surrounds the human
body from birth to death, and is the part of the
human body that is traditionally treated by
radionics professionals. The 'Kirlian Aura' is found
to extend only a few inches from the surface of
living things. The 'Etheric' Aura however, is
reported to be composed of layers of subtle,
normally invisible colored light, and to extend for
several feet. This aura encases us in a sort of
energy bubble. Clairovoyants such as the late
Edgar Cayce have long used disturbances in a
persons aura to diagnose disease. They also
reportedly see indications of which psychological

drives and biological energies are deficient and
which are in excess.

The color of the persons aura depends upon which
chakra is most active. If the person has a
predominance of 'red' in their aura, then that
person is a materialistic person. A person with a
'violet' or 'purple' color aura is operating more on
the crown chakra, and is an imaginative person,
they think 'etherial' thoughts, etc. We have all met
people with very materialistic attitudes...and we
say,'boy what a close minded person', or something
like that. Actually, these people are not close
minded, but they appear to be, because they are
functioning on a different level than you are. The
color of the chakras, and the role they play in
determining our 'attitudes' or 'behaviour' are
detailed here:

Number Color Gland Consciousness Level
----------------------------------------------------- 7.
Violet Pineal Imaginative Level 6. Indigo Pituitary
Intuitive Level 5. Blue Thyroid Conceptual Level
4. Green Thymus Security Level 3. Yellow
Adrenals Intellectual Level 2. Orange Spleen
Social Level 1. Red Gonads Physical Level

As you can see above, the chakras are each
responsible for a segment of our behavior,
psychologically and physiologically. The glands or
nerve plexus of each chakra plays an important
role in our health and our attitudes. A person who
was very materialistic in their attitude would
benefit from getting the violet frequencies to
counteract the lower chakra, by activating the
crown chakra. The same can be done for someone
who has a lack of creative instincts. If a person is
too intellectual, then the proper color to use to
balance their attitude would be Red, Orange or
Indigo. So you can see that treating the personality
of a person through his aura is easy and practical.
It does take time to make a transition from
materialistic to spiritually minded person, but by
using colors in this way, the person can effectively
influence the operation of his chakras. Colors are
frquencies, just like sound, and they have just as
much effect upon you as sound does. DONT

Page 7

underestimate these powerfull frequencies. Use
them, and you will discover the truth of these

In the next section of this series I will discuss the
use of a 'witness' for application in Radionics and
Psychotronics, as well as how to use colors, gem
stones, and herbs to psionically treat yourself, your
friends, and even get rid of the pests that eat your

For a MUCH more indepth look at chakras, the
aura, and psychotronics, I suggest these two VERY
VERY well written books on the subject.
Supersensonics--The Science of Radiational
Paraphysics $15.00

Nuclear Evolution--The Discovery of The
Rainbow Body $12.95

Both of these books were written by Dr.
Christopher Hills, and are the Best books on the
subject of auras, chakras, dowsing, radionics, etc.
that I have ever come accross. Both of these books
can be ordered from:

The University Of The Trees Press P.O. Box 644,
Boulder Creek, CA. 95006.

Dont forget to include money for postage and
handling. And I would write them first to make
sure that these prices are still in effect, because I
purchased these books 5 years ago....So the prices
may have risen some.

Thats all for now... Take care of yourself, and have
lots of fun! ARCHON

Radionics Discussion #4 Topics: The Use of a
Witness in Radionics/Psychotronics Use of Color,
Herbs,and Gem Stones In Radionics Applications

T H E L - F I E L D

As professor Harold Saxton Burr* once stated, "So
far as our present information goes, there is
unequivocal evidence that wherever there is life,

there are electrical properties." (*Professor @ Yale
University) That is the topic I want to start off with
right now, L-Fields. Measurement by modern
electric instruments developed in the last few years
has "revealed that man - and, in fact, all life forms
- are ordered and controlled by electro-dynamic
fields which can be measured and mapped with
precision." And as Burr proposed as early as 1935,
in his electrodynamic theory of life, -- that all
living organisms have electric fields which govern
their growth and decay. As as example, Burr points
to the human body. Its molecules and cells are
allways being torn apart and rebuilt with fresh
material from the food we eat. But thanks to the
controlling L-Fields, the new molecules and cells
are rebuilt as before and arrange themselves as the
old ones. The bodys L-Fields "serves as a matrix or
mould which preserves the 'shape' or arrangement
of any material poured into it."

What we are interested in here is "How can we use
the knowledge of the L-Field to improve the
quality of our lives?" I am going to discuss that
here by explaining how the L-Field can be
influenced, and what that influence can 'cause' in
us humans.

I'm not going to go to great lengths to 'prove' that
the L-Fields exist, if you want 'proof' then read a
good book on the topic. What I am going to
discuss is "Applications" and not "Descriptions".

Burr proved that the L-Field can be influenced
directly by external phenomena by measuring the
voltage gradients of a number of trees over a
period of 30 years. He found that the L-Fields of
the Trees fluctuated with sunlight,darkness,
sunspots, magnetic storms and moon cycles. From
this we can extrapolate that human L-Fields are
similarly affected. "Since the field of a living
system is an ordered pattern which represents the
universe. It can be argued therefore, that the
universe is an electrical field and that everything
that exists in it is a subsidary or component part of
the total field." Thus it is "That we are fully
justified in regarding the fields of life as the
instruments of physical evolution, of which, on this

Page 12

the distances between the emitting subjetc and the
reciving microphone.)

When the current flowing through the amplifier is
increased to a certain critical maximum, a
characteristic whistling noise is heard in the
loudspeaker and a certain sine wave image is
produced as the oscillograph records the screen
picture. There the curves are rather close together
or the curves rather long. More-over there is a
strict parallelism between the intensity and the
modulation of the sound signal and, on the other
hand, the rapidity and density of the wave picture
on the oscillators screen. At first we thought this
might have been due to a Larsen Effect or
phenomenon related to the reflection of waves but
succesive experiments have proved that this
phenomena plays only a very minor part in the
production of these wave forms. We have noticed,
for instance, that the visual and sound reactions
recorded are not corresponding ones over all parts
of the body. For example, near the plexuses of the
sympathetic nervous system of certain subjects
(cardiac plexus, solar plexus, lumbar plexus) the
sound modulations are very high and sharp (that is,
of a very high frequency), whilst the waves shown
on the screen are very close to each other, this
meaning, most probably, that the individuals in
question possess a strong magnetism. The
reactions can be noted at a distance of 15 feet and
more. We have also noticed that the strongest
reaction can be obtained near the regions of the
body where the Hindu chakras are situated. It
seems, thenm, that these precise points are indeed
the pionts where vital energy is emitted.

I have described in as few words as possible our
experimental technique and operational methods
employed to examine, as exteriorized phenomena
of physical apparatus, these fields of human
radiations which have been the object of so much
controversy. Thanks to the same method it has
been possible for us besides to determine the
presence of fields of radiation which are exterior to
an object. As an interesting illustration of this,
moving the microphone around a bust in terra cotta
we were able to observe the difference in the wave

modulations near the lower part of the face of the
sculptured head and near the eyes. Is this due to a
phenomenon caused by the influence of form? It is
possible. Similiarly we have also been able to
record the field of radiations due to an oil painting
representing a little fishing port. It should be
observed that there the modulations were entirley
different according to whether the microphone was
placed near the part representing the sea, or the
part representing the earth and the low houses of
the fishermen of Brittany. Should this phenomenon
be attributed to an influence due to the chemical
composition of the colours used? It is probably due
to an influence of color refraction, this much
depending upon the objects painted by the artist.

It seems to have been now well established that by
means of this apparatus incontestably
corresponding visible and audible reactions are
obtained as soon as the microphone is placed more
or less close to an animate or inanimate body, the
degree of reation seeming to be in accordance with
the form and intensity of the radiating field. These
experiments have convinced us of the physical
reality of an external field produced by living
beings and dead objects. This is only a small step
forwards, as we all very well know; for we now
have to determine the exact wavelenghts of these
radiations which should vary according to the
degree of health of the individual examined. We
have allready observed that each person has his
own oscillograph waveform, and that certain
diseases such a cancer, for example, produce the
same general change in the appearance of the
personal waveform.

Certainly it is as yet too soon to draw any definite
conclusions from these experiments. I think that
this method of examination should be continued in
order to try to establish the nature of signs
conforming to or giving indications of certain
serious diseases before their full development, the
information being derived from modifications of
the oscillographic curves testifying to specific
modifications of the human wavelenghts, these
modifications being observable from a variation in
the field of external radiations.

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