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The testing quality depends on,


From Account Number


To Account Number









CBO – Online (CitiBank Online)

1) Welcome Page
1.1) Log in
1.1.1) Username text field should accept only 6-8
1.1.2) Password text field should accept only 4-7

2) Loans
. . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .

. . . . . . .
. . . . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . .
. . . . .

70) Amount Transfer
70.1) FAN Textfield
70.1.1) Should accept only 10 – digit integer
70.1.2) Should accept only those account numbers
generated by Manager

70.2) TAN Textfield
70.2.1) Should accept only 10 –digit integer
70.2.2) Should accept only those account numbers
generated by Manager

70.3) Amount Textfield
70.3.1) Should accept only the integers between
100 – 5000
70.3.2) Should not accept more than balance

. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .
. . . . . .

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For ex,
In case of a banking application – if we develop an application for manager (call manager as end-user). For
others call this respective person as end-users.
In the example above – end-users (MANAGER) starts using the application – 2 TE(s) sits at the back of him
& takes report of the defect whether the end-user goes in a right way as the ydevelop as in a wrong way
into the application.
Now the manager checks each link before he clicks on it because he knows the TE is watching him.
So the drawback here is – TE came to know they are not getting correct feedback.
Then how to overcome this? – do we fix camera & take feedback? -> in this , the end-user becomes more
serious & thus it becomes a drawback.
80% of time, we end up doing usability testing for the reasons above mentioned.

Sometimes TE has to do usability testing for the following reasons,

 Do not want to outsource to other company
 No money to spend on Usability testing

But there are scenarios we do Usability testing where we swap the features among TE and do usability

How to conduct Usability testing? (OR) What process should we follow to do Usability testing?
Prepare OR derive checklist (i.e, what are the points to be checked). If we don‟t prepare a checklist, we may
miss some features in the application.
For Usability testing, we should prepare a genuine checklist specific to the product we develop.

Example of a checklist for an application,
 For this application, one of the checklists includes color of already checked link should be changed

to red
 All the images should have alt tag(Tooltip)
 All the pages should have link to Homepage
 Login feature should have Forgot Password link

Like the above checklist, we can derive as many checklists as possible based on the application (or) product.

While deriving checklist, we should derive a common checklist which can be executed for all pages.

There is another caes where the customer gives the checklist for the application.

ACCESSIBILITY Testing / ADA (American Disability Act) / 508 Compliance testing
Testing the application from the physically challenged person point of view.

For ex, Suppose if a blind person is accessing the Internet – the application should be in such a way that
even the physically challenged person should be able to access it without any problems.
When a blind person clicks on anything – the response connected into voice & the person heras & uses it –
Response sent should be easily read by the browser & commented in voice.

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