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TitleProgramming Windows 5th Edition The definitive guide to the Win32 API
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Table of Contents
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Section I: The Basics
	Chapter 1 -- Getting Started
		The Windows Environment
		Windows Programming Options
		Your First Windows Program
	Chapter 2 -- An Introduction to Unicode
		A Brief History of Character Sets
		Wide Characters and C
		Wide Characters and Windows
	Chapter 3 -- Windows and Messages
		A Window of One's Own
		The Windows Programming Hurdles
	Chapter 4 -- An Exercise in Text Output
		Painting and Repainting
		An Introduction to GDI
		Scroll Bars
		Building a Better Scroll
	Chapter 5 -- Basic Drawing
		The Structure of GDI
		The Device Context
		Drawing Dots and Lines
		Drawing Filled Areas
		The GDI Mapping Mode
		Rectangles, Regions, and Clipping
	Chapter 6 -- The Keyboard
		Keyboard Basics
		Keystroke Messages
		Character Messages
		Keyboard Messages and Character Sets
		The Caret (Not the Cursor)
	Chapter 7 -- The Mouse
		Mouse Basics
		Client-Area Mouse Messages
		Nonclient-Area Mouse Messages
		Hit-Testing in Your Programs
		Capturing the Mouse
		The Mouse Wheel
	Chapter 8 -- The Timer
		Timer Basics
		Using the Timer: Three Methods
		Using the Timer for a Clock
		Using the Timer for a Status Report
	Chapter 9 -- Child Window Controls
		The Button Class
		Controls and Colors
		The Static Class
		The Scroll Bar Class
		The Edit Class
		The Listbox Class
	Chapter 10 -- Menus and Other Resources
		Icons, Cursors, Strings, and Custom Resources
		Keyboard Accelerators
	Chapter 11 -- Dialog Boxes
		Modal Dialog Boxes
		Modeless Dialog Boxes
		The Common Dialog Boxes
	Chapter 12 -- The Clipboard
		Simple Use of the Clipboard
		Beyond Simple Clipboard Use
		Becoming a Clipboard Viewer
Section II: More Graphics
	Chapter 13-- Using the Printer
		Printing Fundamentals
		Printing Graphics and Text
	Chapter 14 -- Bitmaps and Bitblts
		Bitmap Basics
		Bitmap Dimensions
		The Bit-Block Transfer
		The GDI Bitmap Object
	Chapter 15 -- The Device-Independent Bitmap
		The DIB File Format
		Displaying and Printing
		The Union of DIBs and DDBs
	Chapter 16 -- The Palette Manager
		Using Palettes
		Palette Animation
		Palettes and Real-World Images
		A Library for DIBs
	Chapter 17 -- Text and Fonts
		Simple Text Output
		Background on Fonts
		The Logical Font
		Font Enumeration
		Paragraph Formatting
		The Fun and Fancy Stuff
	Chapter 18 -- Metafiles
		The Old Metafile Format
		Enhanced Metafiles
Section III: Advanced Topics
	Chapter 19 -- The Multiple-Document Interface
		MDI Concepts
		A Sample MDI Implementation
	Chapter 20 -- Multitasking and Multithreading
		Modes of Multitasking
		Windows Multithreading
		Thread Synchronization
		Event Signaling
		Thread Local Storage
	Chapter 21 -- Dynamic-Link Libraries
		Library Basics
		Miscellaneous DLL Topics
	Chapter 22 -- Sound and Music
		Windows and Multimedia
		Waveform Audio
		MIDI and Music
	Chapter 23 -- A Taste of the Internet
		Windows Sockets
		WinInet and FTP
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