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                            Factors Determining Product Pricing
(With Diagram)
	A. Internal Factors:

	1. Organizational factors:
	2. Marketing mix:
	3. Product differentiation:
	4. Product Costs:
	5. Product life-cycle:
	6. Pricing objectives:
	7. Functional position:
	B. External Factors:
		1. Product demand:
		2. Competition:
		3. Economic conditions:
		4. The buyer behaviour:
What are the Consequences of Hike in Prices?
Proposal for gas price hike faces opposition
Price hike on eve of Ramadan
Pricing Policies and Strategies to control price hike
	A. Price Variation Policies:
		1. Variable Price Policy:
		2. Non-Variable Price Policy:
		3. Single Price Policy:
	B. Geographic Price Policies:
		1. Point of Origin Price Policy:
		2. Freight Absorption Price Policy:
	C. Price Differential Price Policies:
	D. Leader Price Policy:
	E. Psychological Pricing:
	F. New Product Pricing Policies:
		1. Skimming Price Policy:
		2. Penetration Price Policy:
	G. Promotional Pricing:
		1. Loss Leader Pricing:
		2. Special Event Pricing:
		3. Cash Rebates:
		4. Low or Zero Interest Financing:
		5. Longer Period Payments:
		6. Warranties and Service Contracts:
		7. Psychological Discounting:
One is to think twice; to what extent these tactics can be applied and used for mutual gain of the dealers and the consumers. There is great risk of consumer loyalty.

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