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Pranic Cleansing by Extraction Technique

1. There are several types of extraction techniques and the simplest is
done sometimes, if not usually, by natural-born healers who have had
no training in healing. These healers simply touch the affected part
and involuntarily extract or absorb the pain and the diseased energy
into his body without expelling it. This is because they do not really
know how to expel the diseased energy and do not understand the
process. Consequently, they are affected by the diseased energy but
recover after a good night's sleep. This technique is definitely not
advisable. (Miracles Through Pranic Healing by MCKS, page 150)

2. Another type of extraction technique is absorbing the diseased
matter through one of the hand chakras and expelling it through the
other hand chakra. You may use either of the hand chakras for
extraction and expelling. Although this is an improvement over the
primitive technique, it is still not advisable because there is always the
possibility that some diseased energy will remain in the healer's body.
Just imagine what will happen to the healer if he extracts dirty energy
from 20-50 patients a day for 250 days a year. It is quite unlikely that
the healer will remain healthy for long. He might even end up with so
many strange diseases. The idea of absorbing dirty, sticky and greyish
diseased energy is just plainly repulsive. (Miracles Through Pranic
Healing by MCKS, page 151)

3. Another type of extraction technique is simply extracting the
diseased energy from the affected part by an act of will. The hand is
placed a few inches away from the affected part and the diseased
energy is extracted by willing it to come out. No sweeping movement
is done. The diseased energy is caught by the hand and flicked into the
disposal unit. (Miracles Through Pranic Healing by MCKS, page 151)

4. In more serious ailments, the Extraction Technique does not work
because those diseased energy are usually very sticky. Just willing it to
come out will not cause a substantial amount of the diseased energy to
be pulled out. Therefore, Advanced Pranic Healing Technique has to be

5. Under normal conditions, a chakra draws in and projects pranic
energy alternately at a rapid rate. The amount of pranic energy drawn
in and projected are more or less equal. The chakra rotates clockwise
at 180 degrees and counterclockwise at 180 degrees in the opposite
direction alternately at a rapid rate. When the hand chakra
predominantly projects, the counterclockwise motion is 360 degrees
and the clockwise motion is only 180 degrees. When the hand chakra
rotates counterclockwise, it projects pranic energy and stops for a split
second, then rotates in clockwise motion and draws in pranic energy

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