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the Christ!

- I break every demonic subjection to

Jezebel Venus

Mystery Babylon Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the


Mother of Whoredoms and Witchcrafts Mother of Exiles

Mother of Secrets Mother of God

Mother Mary Daughter of Babylon

Daughter of the Chaldeans The great Whore/Harlot

Spirit of Whoredoms Mistress of Kingdoms

Mistress of Witchcrafts Mistress of Sorceries

Queen of heaven Queen of the Coast

Queen Mother Queen of Kingdoms

Queen of Babylon Goddess of War

Goddess of Fertility Cursed Woman

She Who Sits on Many Waters She Who Sits on the Seven Mountains

Astarte, Astoreth Isthar or Esther Diana

Shekinah Spirit of Sophia

Rosemary Athaliah

Semiramus Hecate

Isis Cybele

Artemis and every other Jezebel kind of spirit

And I also break every demonic subjection to their diabolical, wicked structure of the kingdom

of darkness, impurity, harlotry, hatred, wrath, adultery, fornication, idolatry, envying, seditions,

heresies, witchcraft, murder, evil, believing in self, believing in the strength of humanity,

harshness, strife, impatience, drunkenness, acquisitiveness, every reprobate mind and mindset,

every form of Baal worship, every form of murder and bloodshed, every form of robbery,

intimidation, manipulation, rebellion against Godly authority, every toleration of Jezebel, every

fear and paralysis, all evil imaginations and the stirring of evil imaginations, every form of

witchcraft and occult consultancy, every form of emasculation, unholiness, uncleanness,

impurity and every mocking and breaking of God’s rules; I break this deception over every part

of my mind, will and emotions, over my body, soul and my spirit, over my finances, and I break

it over my marriage and posterity, over my spine and my pineal gland, and I break it over my

present and my future and I break it over my conscious and unconscious, and I break this

demonic subjection over every gate, every portal, every entrance and exit of my house and over

the atmosphere in and around my housing and over every other part of my life right now in

Jesus name/ in the name of Jesus, who is the Christ! Amen.

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