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Greetings! Ed Skoudis here, the SANS Penetration Testing
Curriculum Lead. I’m really excited about our awesome line-
up of ethical hacking, penetration testing, and computer
attack courses. We’ve carefully constructed each of these
courses and the curriculum around an important goal.

Our goal, simply put, is to provide students with the in-depth
hands-on technical skills, tools, and techniques that they can use the day they
return to work to improve the security of their organization. SANS Pen Testing
courses help attendees on their way to becoming world-class information
security practitioners.

The high-value penetration testing skills we teach in our courses don’t involve
just throwing a bunch of hacks at a target environment and declaring victory
when a shell prompt magically pops up. Instead, the best penetration testers
focus on understanding their craft in-depth, providing signi!cant value to
organizations by improving their security stance through technical excellence
and implementation of well-understood and repeatable methodologies, which
will deliver real savings and security to the business.

The SANS Pen Testing courses are built with those principles in mind to help
attendees achieve the status of expert penetration testers.

Best regards,

Ed Skoudis
SANS Faculty Fellow!/edskoudis

What is High-Value Penetration
Testing and Why Is It Important?

A high-value penetration test has several aspects:

Some so-called penetration testers with limited skills only operate along one
or two of these lines. The best penetration testers, however, can deliver on
all of these items, with consistent high quality. Each SANS pen test course is
designed to prepare attendees to maximize the value of their work across all of
these aspects of high-value penetration testing.

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