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SCSI Interface for the Apple II

Owner’s Manual
First Edition

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Copyright © 1993 by Sequential Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

Sequential Systems reserves the right to make changes and to issue updates
to the product described in this manual at any time without previous notice.

Apple IIGS is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.

Wayne Stewart

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If you are using a IIgs you should do a
Shutdown and reboot so that the RamFAST/
SCSI driver can be loaded. That’s it!

If Problems Occur If you are having problems and you have
double-checked the installation, some other
things you can check are:
o If you are in a IIgs, are you SURE that the
setting in the Control Panel for the
RamFAST/ SCSI slot is set to “Your Card”
and the boot slot is set to boot the
RamFAST/SCSI? Double check.

o Desk Accessories - Try booting without
ANY desk accessories and see if the
problems go away. Many desk accessories
have the potential to interfere with a DMA
bard drive controller.

o TranswarpGS - If you are having problems
and you have a TranswarpGS in the system
then pull it out. If the problems go away you
should turn to the Trouble Shooting section
to see if your TranswarpGS is one that needs
an update or if you need to disable DMA on
the RamFAST/SCSI because of your
memory card.

oZipGS - If you are having problems and
you have a ZipGS then pull it out. If the
problems go away you should turn to the
Trouble Shooting section to see if your
ZipGS is one that needs to be upgraded.

o Lastly, can you boot a system floppy and
access the hard drive? If so then you
probably just haven’t installed the operating
system correctly.


Wayne Stewart

Wayne Stewart

Page 42

contact AE to obtain a replacement (TWGS-
2B). The RamFAST/SCSI will not function in
your computer until you get this replacement
part. At the time this was printed, the
replacement was free of charge. If there is
already a TWGS-2B part in your
TranswarpGS then you should try replacing
the TranswarpGS with the original 65C816
processor and see if the problems go away. If
they do you may need to send the
TranswarpGS to AE for further modification.

If you have an AE TWGS in your computer AE TWGS Accelerator
you must have the Option (in The Utility - RamFAST/SCSI
Program) for TranswarpGS set to Yes. If you Options
don’t you will have problems.

The TranswarpGS’s control panel Desk AE TWGS Control
Accessory has a section labeled “Configure” Panel - AppleTalk/
which in turn has the entry “AppleTalk/IRQ”. IRQ
You need to make sure this is ON. If it is OFF
you will have problems.

If you have an AE GS-Ram, revision “A”, AE GS-Ram
installed in your computer the RamFAST/
SCSI will not function. If you have a GS-Ram
with a revision “B”, “C”, or “D” you will have
to disable the DMA option in The Utility
Program in order to avoid problems. Only
revision “E” of the GS-Ram is completely
DMA compatible. To determine the Revision
of a GS-Ram card you need to remove it from
your computer and look at the supporting
“leg” of the card (half-way between the card-
edge connector and the back end of the card).
On the front or back in this area should be a
message that says “REV x” where “x” can be
“A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, or “F’.


Wayne Stewart

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