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Unit 1 Test
Group A

Name: ______________________
Class: ______________________
Date: ______________________

Part one

1 Write the names of the sports.
Example: squash

3 Complete the health tips with the correct form

of the verb in brackets.

Would you like (feel) healthier?
Then just follow our top tips.
• Start 1 __________ (walk) to school or work.
• Try 2 __________ (lose) a few kilos.
• Give up 3 __________ (smoke)!
• Avoid 4 _________ (drink) alcohol every day.
• Remember 5 __________ (eat) lots of fruit.
• Stop 6 __________ (eat) junk food.

__ /6

4 Complete the sentences with the correct form
of used to and a verb from the box.

wear work travel eat grow have do like

We a uniform at school.

1 I ________________ sport at school, but
now I exercise a lot.

2 ________ you ________junk food?
3 We ________________ a house in the

country, but now we live in the city.
4 ________ they ________apples in this area?
5 You ________________ playing chess, but

now you really enjoy it.
6 My sister ________________ as a teacher,

but now she’s a fitness trainer.

__ /12

5 Complete the sentences with adverbs or
comparative adverbs formed from the
adjectives in brackets.

My friend can sing
(beautiful) than me.

1 You speak French very _________ (good).
2 How _________ (fast) can you run?
3 She can ski _________ (good) than you.
4 This road is dangerous. Please drive

______________ (slow).
5 We’ve studied _________ (hard) this term

than last term.
6 The team played _________ (bad) in the first

half of the match than in the second half.
7 Always check your homework _________

8 I make friends ______________ (easy) now

than when I was young.

__ /8

more beautifully

used to wear

to feel

1 ________________ 2 ________________

3 ________________ 4 ________________

5 ________________ 6 ________________

__ /6

2 Underline the correct alternative.

My fitness train/trainer planned an exercise
programme for me.

1 I never do exercise – I’m much too lazy/sporty.
2 Do you enjoy making/keeping fit?
3 I have a sauna/shower once a week – I love

the heat.
4 Do/make sit-ups to build up your stomach

5 My friends and I joined the local gym/leisure

6 A Excuse me. Where are the changing/change

B They’re over there, next to the swimming


__ /6

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Unit 5 Test
Groups A and B

Name: ______________________
Class: ______________________
Date: ______________________

Part two
Grammar and functions

6 Complete the sentences expressing regret for
each of these past mistakes.

1 You have eaten a lot of chocolate and now
you feel sick.

2 Your friend spent all her money and now she
hasn’t got any for her holiday.

3 You and your friend didn’t study very hard and
you both failed your History exam.

4 Your parents left their car open and someone
stole it.

__ /8

7 Think about last week. Report orders and
requests from people you know. Use the
correct form of ask, tell, want and order.

1 My best friend

2 My teacher

3 My mum

4 My grandparents

5 My dad

6 A person in the street

7 A shop assistant


__ /14

8 Complete the short story using the Past simple
and the Past perfect and by the time, after,
when and because. Write six more sentences.

__ /12

Total __ /80

wrong after all the planning we had
I couldn’t believe the robbery had gone





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Page 17



Unit 6 Test
Group A

Name: ______________________
Class: ______________________
Date: ______________________

Part one

1 Complete the table with words related to
social problems.

Adjective Noun Person

1 __________ a beggar
unemployed 2 __________
3 __________ drug addiction 4 __________
5 __________ 6 __________ a homeless person
7 __________ alcoholism 8 __________

__ /8

2 Match the verbs to the nouns and complete
the sentences under each picture. Use the
correct form of make, let or allow.

Verbs Nouns
fasten your seat belt
leave a safety demonstration
carry in your allocated seat
watch sharp objects
sit your seat




3 Complete the Third conditional sentences with

the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

If I (study) more, I

(pass) the exam.

1 You ____________________ (not lose) your
passport if you ____________________ (be)
more careful.

2 What _________ he ___________ (do) if he
___________________ (fail) his driving test?

3 If they ____________________ (apply) for a
job, they ____________________ (get) one.

4 ________ you _________ (buy) me a present
if you_____________ (not lose) your money?

__ /10

4 Write a sentence for each situation with wish
and an expression from the box.

leave my coat at home drive so fast
record the episode train harder
save the file eat so much

It got really cold and you didn’t have a coat.

1 Ellie’s lost all her work on her computer.
She .

2 The basketball team lost the match.
They .

3 Andrew has crashed his car.
He .

4 Joe and I missed our favourite TV soap opera.
We .

5 I’ve put on a lot of weight.
I .

__ /10

5 Complete the second sentence to mean the
same as the first. Use the correct form of the
verbs in brackets.

My parents allow me to stay out late. (let)
My parents

1 My parents say I have to tidy my room. (make)
My parents .

2 Our school says we can wear jewellery. (allow)
Our school .

3 You can’t smoke in this restaurant. (let)
This restaurant .

5 You can’t use your mobile here. (allow)
They .

__ /10

let me stay out late.

wish I hadn’t left my coat at home.

’d have’d studied

1 They 2 They
. .

3 They 4 They
. .

__ /8

make you
fasten your seat belt

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