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Nudes for the 21st CenturyNudes for the 21st Century

Photography and commentary

by L. Egon Schiele

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Nudes for the 21st Century

Table of contents
I. Introduction
A. What is new?
B. What is old?
C. What is myth and what is real?
D. What is seen, , and obscene?
E. What is the impact of photography?
F. What is the 21st-Century nude?
II. Portraits of the sitting nude
III. Olympias, Odalisques, and other parodies
A. Olympias
B. Odalisques
C. Edward Weston
D. Egon Schiele
E. Wilhelm Lehmbruck
F. Ladder poses
IV. Pyramids
V. Madonnas
VI. Bodyscapes
VII. Dance and sports

Photography and commentary

by L. Egon Schiele

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F. Ladder poses

Jodi: Ladder-day saint

Page 74

Jess: Ladder-day saint

Page 146

Trish: Stretching

Page 147

Leslie: Cheering

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