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TitleNetsuite Tricks
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Table of Contents
                            Netsuite Tips and Tricks
	System Preferences Audit Trails
	Filtering the List of Items Available on Transactions
	Summary Criteria in Saved Searches
	Creating Custom Printed PDF Layouts
	Setting Custom Reminders
	Form Customization Best Practices
	NetSuite 2009.1 Mass Update Enhancements
	NetSuite 2009.1 Global Search Enhancements
	Email Preferences
	File Download with online form
	Using Report Snapshots
	Disseminating Reference Information in NetSuite for Internal Users
	Improve your E-mail Marketing Campaigns with DKIM
	E-mail Option Button on Transactions & E-mail Preference
	Account Usage Information
	Elimination Subsidiaries for Consolidated Reporting
	SuiteScript Inline Editing
	Lists Preference Settings
	Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with NetSuite
	CSV Import Improvements for Mac
	Free Shipping With An Item
	Global Search Auto Suggest
	CSV Import Assistant Overview
	Multi-Website Capabilities in NetSuite
	Outlook Integration - Automatically save email threads in Outlook
	Campaign Subscription Categories
	Project Accounting - Assigning Resources and Time Management
	Publishing Dashboards
	Increase Your Exposure Through Website Product Feeds
	Excel Web Query
	Partner / Affiliate Capabilities in NetSuite
	KPI Scorecards Track and Compare Metrics all Year
	Coupons/Discounts Promotions in NetSuite
	Gift Certificates
	Long Running Reports
	Date Shortcut - a time saver tip
	Report Scheduling
	Relationships as Individuals or Companies
	Demand-based Inventory Replenishment
	Associating Promotion Codes to Items
	Minimum Order Amounts
	Using NetSuite Custom Code for Intelligent Online Forms

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