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The vertical supports, such as posts or
stanchions, as used in indigenous or traditional
type of construction. These may be free-standing
as stilts or integrated into the wall structure. In
the case of the former, pie de gallos (knee
braces) or crosettas (cross bracings) are
sometimes used.

Surface, Exterior
Weather-exposed surfaces.

Surfaces. Interior
Surfaces other than weather-exposed surfaces.

Surface, Weather-Exposed
All surface of walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, soffits,
and similar surfaces exposed to the weather
excepting the following:

(a) Ceiling and roof soffits enclosed by walls or by
beams which extend a minimum of 30 centimeters
(12 inches) below such ceiling or roof soffits;

(b) Walls or portions of walls within an unenclosed roof
area, when located a horizontal distance from an
exterior opening equal to twice the height of the
opening; and

(c) Ceiling and roof soffits beyond a horizontal distance
of 3.00 meters (10 feet) from the outer edge of the
ceiling or roof soffits.

Value or valuation of a Building
The estimated cost to replace the building in kind,
based on current replacement costs.

Any surface of underground construction covered
on top, or any fire-proof construction intended for
the storage of valuables.

Nonstructural facing of brick, concrete, stone, tile,
metal, plastic, or other similar approved material
attached to a backing for the purpose of
ornamentation, protection, or insulation.

Veneer, Adhered
Veneer secured and supported through adhesion
to an approved bonding material applied over an
approved backing.

Veneer, Anchored
Veneer secured to and supported by approved
mechanical fasteners attached to and approved


Veneer, Exterior
Veneer applied to weather-exposed surfaces.

Veneer, Interior
Veneer applied to surfaces other than weather-
exposed surfaces.


Wall, Bearing
A wall which supports any load other than its own


Wall, Cross
A term which may be used synonymously with a

Wall, Curtain
The inclosing wall of an iron or steel framework
or the nonbearing portion of an inclosing wall
between piers.

Wall, Dead
A wall without openings.

Wall, Exterior
Any wall or element of a wall or any number or
group of members, which defines the exterior
boundaries or courts of a building.

Wall, Faced
A wall in which the facing and backing are so
bonded together that they act as a composite
element, and exert a common action under load.

Wall, Fire
Any wall which subdivides a building so as to
resist the spread of fire, by starting at the
foundation and extending continuously through
all stories to, or above, the roof. Extension above
the roof. is 1.00 meter (3 feet, 3 inches).

Wall, Foundation
That Portion of an inclosing wall below the first
tier of floor joists.

Wall, Height of
The perpendicular distance measured from its
base line either at the grade or at the top of the
girder to the top of the coping thereon.
Foundation and retaining walls are measured
from the grade downward to the base of the

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